Roadmap 2018


2017 was the best year for the global coworking community by far. It continued to grow at a double-digit rate and reached the 1 million coworkers milestone. The coworking shift is real and is bigger than ever. More and more Freelancers, Startups, Small and Medium companies and Enterprise teams are joining the Coworking and Office-as-a-Service movement.

2017 was the best year for OfficeR&D too. We released  20+ major and 100+ minor new versions of the platform, expanded our global footprint by reaching more than 140 customers, having 20 000+ coworking members, 10 000 active users in the portal in 30+ countries and raised a $1M of a seed round funding. As a result, our team grew from 6 people to 13 across London, Sofia, and New Zealand to support our growing coworking community.


In order to provide a great software solution, you have to start with a great team. You need people that actually care about others and care about the industry. People with high emotional intelligence who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for their customers. Something that is key and is the ethos of the Coworking hospitality – members and customers comfort comes first.

In 2017, 7 amazing people joined our team to support our awesome growing coworking community. Thank you, Tina, Deyan, Bancho, Alex, Yosif, Chil, and Milko. You are the best!

In 2017, we also visited 25+ coworking spaces, attended 3 coworking conferences and met in person 100+ community managers.


We changed our slogan to “Coworking Management platform that makes members happy”. We did it because we believe that ‘success is making those who believed in you look brilliant’. As your partner, we want to help you grow and look more ‘digitally’ awesome.

Our customers, partners, and community have believed in OfficeR&D since day one; your tremendous growth this past year is a testament to how far we, as a company and as a coworking movement, have come.


Having great team and vision plus an amazing industry were all key factors in driving our game-changing moment of 2017 in terms of Product.

  • We delivered 2 new product lines:
    • Mobile App, including a white-label version;
    • Meeting Room Tablet View – a beautiful booking view that you can install in front of your rooms;
  • We released more than 100 new versions and updates to the platform;
  • We developed 10 new integrations – QuickBooks Online,, PayDock, Braintree, Worldpay, Ezidebit, PayPal, PT-X, SaltoKS and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • We deployed more than 900 stories – new features, bug fixes and improvements;
    • That’s about 6000 code commits. Funny or not, there is not a single day without a ‘commit’ to make the platform better, faster and more feature rich.

Some of the stories we started and gave life this year are:

  • Mobile App – everybody loves apps! Well, we too…
  • Meeting Room Table View – a good looking meeting room tablet view will show each room’s availability and bookings;
  • Member Portal:
    • Collaboration Story – messages & posts;
    • Events Story – RSVP and more;
    • Issues Tracking – ability to receive feedback from your members;
    • Booking of Different Resources – now your members can book everything;
    • Public Calendar & Checkout Pages – ability to expose pages where new members can self-signup, book resources and pay online;
  • Admin Platform
    • Contracts – advanced contracting mechanism with step deals;
    • Custom Resource Types – ability to define resource types, such as parking, assign them, book them and report on them;
    • Improved Billing, Accounting & Payments – more reliable, robust and stable billing and payment options;
    • Improved Meeting Room Bookings – another 10s of new features and improvements;
    • Improved Reports & Analytics – several new reports and dashboards;

We’re looking forward to 2018 and we are more committed than ever. There’s so much more to do. With your help, we will make coworking a more Social, more Mobile, more User-friendly experience for the members, more Automated and Integrated for the managers and more Data-driven for the owners.

Stay tuned for our official 2018 Roadmap.

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