What a year 2019 was for the world of flexible workspaces! We witnessed one of the biggest IPO failures in history while the demand for flexible working is higher than ever and growing faster than ever before.

The world can no longer go back to long term leases, that’s for sure. The tenant-landlord relationship is changing really fast. Companies demand high-quality service on flexible terms and no one can argue that. But successfully managing and operating a flexible workspace in a profitable way is still very hard. In 2019 we refined our vision and mission – to make flexible working the way of working – by providing the best technology to run a space, we can significantly reduce the management costs and dramatically improve the digital member experiences.

2019 was the best year for OfficeRnD by any mean. We successfully refreshed our brand and made it super awesome. We raised $3m to make our vision a reality faster. We released  30+ major new versions (yep, that’s a new release every 2 weeks!) of the platform and hundreds of minor updates. We expanded our global footprint by adding more than 300 new customers. We are now serving more than 100 000 awesome members in 50+ countries. As a result, our team grew from 27 to 52 across London, Sofia, New Zealand, and Atlanta. We released 2 ebooks, 2 infographics, hosted 12 webinars and wrote tens of awesome blog posts.

Team that Delivers

In order to provide a great software solution, you have to start with a great team. And we have the best team ever! We care about each other, we care about the industry and we care about our customers. The OfficeRnD team is willing to sacrifice long hours of hard work in order to provide world-class service and great software. Something that is key and is the ethos of the Coworking hospitality.

In 2019, 25 amazing people joined our team to support our growing coworking community. Thank you, all for making it such an amazing year. You are the best!

In 2019, we also visited 10s of coworking spaces on 4 continents, supported 5 flexible workspace conferences and met in person with hundreds of coworking managers.

OfficeRnD Product team

Solution that Works

Having a great team and vision working in an amazing industry were the key factors in driving OfficeRnD to grow super fast.

  • We released 30 new versions and updates to the platform;
  • We resolved more than 1 000 user stories – new features, bug fixes, and improvements. That’s about 10 000 code commits.
  • We’ve added “Global Add” button and changed our User Interface making easier to use and more beautiful.
  • We delivered several new Industry-specific Reports.
  • We finished the eSign integration.
  • We’ve added Native HubSpot integration.
  • We released a new Ticketing and Issue management solution.
  • We delivered an endless list of other improvements that make your life easier.

Although we accomplished a lot and we had the best intentions to build the perfect solution for flexible workspaces in a year we still couldn’t catch up with our ambition. We’re looking forward to 2020 more excited than ever. There’s so much more to do!

With your help, we will make flexible working the way of working. Together, we can make our industry more profitable. We can make more social, more mobile, more user-friendly experience for your workspace members, more automated and integrated for you and more data-driven for your stakeholders.

Stay tuned for our official 2020 Roadmap! It’s going to be huge, bigger than ever!

Happy Holidays to all our friends in the flexible workspace community! May 2020 be the best for the industry so far!

Miro Miroslavov
CEO and Co-founder of OfficeRnD
Miro Miroslavov is a software engineer turned into a tech entrepreneur. In 2015 he co-founded OfficeRnD - a leading flex space and hybrid work management platform. As a CEO at OfficeRnD, he grew the company from inception to a leading software vendor that serves thousands of customers worldwide. He is a big fan of flexible working and is on a mission to "Making Flexible Working the Way of Working".