Tina Stancheva

Chief Support Officer


Chief Support Officer at OfficeRnD


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    May 23rd, 2018 Release
    May 23, 2018

    We have legal documents versioning, the ability to define terms and conditions per plan and a localization of the members portal.

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    April 19th, 2018 Release
    Apr 19, 2018

    We redesigned the OfficeR&D platform, integrated Stripe SEPA payments, enabled you to connect multiple payment gateways to one account in R&D (multi-location Stripe, Ezidebit), added bulk operations on some screens and fixed another 50+ issues.

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    March 26th, 2018 Release
    Mar 26, 2018

    We have a new view over the space resources where you can find offices, desks and custom resources by availability and floor. There is also a new setting to control the privacy of a plan on the members portal.

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    Feb 26th, 2018 Release
    Feb 26, 2018

    We’re introducing membership discounts, complex cancellation policy, plan and resource amenities and invoice editing among the list of new features.

  • Feb 9th, 2018 Release
    Feb 9, 2018

    Create Membership, License or Lease Agreements, add stepped prices in all contract types, terminate contracts, control the purchase flow of non-members vs. active members and customize the default address fields on the members portal and the signup form.

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    Jan 22nd, 2018 Release
    Jan 22, 2018

    Track the top 3 metrics of your space with OfficeR&D with the new chart available on the dashboard. Create different contract and invoice templates and describe contracts, invoices or resources in your own words with the help of custom properties. See what else we have for you in this release.

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    Dec 14th, 2017 Release
    Dec 14, 2017

    With the holidays around the corner, check out this special feature set from our team – new contract statuses and approval process, better accounting for refunded payments, integration with Bottom-Line PTX Direct Debit and so much more.

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    Dec 1st, 2017 Release
    Dec 1, 2017

    We’ve enabled the creation of custom resources which you can add to the floorplan and expose via a calendar for members to book. With this release, we’re also introducing better resource traceability as well as the ability to charge invoices in a bulk operation. Take a look at what else is available with this release.

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    Nov 13, 2017 Release
    Nov 13, 2017

    Preferred payment method per company and individual member, more payment methods available in the invoice dialog, integration with Ezidebit, ability to connect to your own custom hosted payment gateway are just a few of the new features available in OfficeR&D. This release also includes custom floorplan resource types and multiple improvements to the members portal.