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We are  excited to announce our partnership with  Automatisera Mera.  OfficeceRnD can now resell Automatisera Mera’s integration service for Fortnox, which allows our clients to have a full-fledged integration between their Fortnox and OfficeRnD systems.

Automatisera Mera’s service allows companies to smoothly sync their invoice data between the two systems.  It features:

  • The ability to import customer details from OfficeRnd to Fortnox
  • The ability to import invoices from OfficeRnd to Fortnox
  • The ability to Accrue Invoices in Fortnox
  • The ability to create a credit invoice  Fortnox if a credit has been made in OfficeRnd.
  • The ability to update the invoice as “Status Paid” in OfficeRnd when the invoice is paid in Fortnox

To learn more, contact or your OfficeRnD customer success manager.

About Automatisera Mera

Automatisera Mera is the leading accounting  integrations platform in Sweden with a variety of connectors provided for the purpose of automating bookkeeping transactions. The platform offers currently over 40 connectors for a variety of applications within time reporting, ecommerce, invoice management and much more. More than 900 SMB currently utilize Automatisera Mera platform to integrate and automate manual processes.

For more information visit:

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