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How to Improve Coworking Experience with Technology

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After we outlined why hospitality matters for improving coworking member experience, it’s worth exploring how technology can support your efforts.

In a previous blog post, we highlighted 3 hospitality practices you shouldn’t miss to adopt in your coworking space if you want to delight your coworking members and visitors:

  • Having a welcoming attitude
  • Being easily approachable
  • Listening and being responsive

And while having a welcoming attitude is pretty much based on your communication skills, being easily approachable, quick to respond and listening proactively requires handling a ton of information on top of your kindness and attention towards your members.

On a daily basis, you basically have to collect, access and spread information in order to provide a delightful member experience.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how technology helps with each of these aspects.

Keep on reading to see how.

Collecting information from numerous sources

The more you know about your members and how they feel at your coworking space, the better service you can provide them with.

There’s no doubt that having real, face-to-face communication is the best case scenario.

But the reality is, regardless of how much efforts you put in, you cannot be everywhere and talk to everyone. And moreover, not everybody will be willing to talk directly to you.

Here are two aspects technology can help with:

Sourcing past discussions for relevant insights

Technology gives you precious access to discussions between members and allows you to catch up with these (or at least a huge part of them) which you’re not able to attend in real time.

Most chat platforms keep a history where you can find plenty of ideas on what your community is engaged with, how you can provide a better service and be helpful to them.

Moreover, reviewing chat discussions might be essential for predicting and even preventing problems from happening.

Here are a few examples:

You notice that members discuss the awesome IT event in town last week. Why not invite the speaker for a talk in your coworking space?

You see members often complain it’s hard to find a free phone booth. Think about expanding the meeting/call amenities.

Easily collecting feedback

You must embrace feedback if you want to be successful. Period.

Sometimes members will share their thoughts about your coworking space without being asked, which is great. However, relying solely on them being proactive is not enough.

Taking the initiative and asking them about their opinion is a genuine sign that you care about them, and results in improving the way your members feel about your service.

Online tools can help you be more productive in collecting and sorting all types of information – whether you want to know what music your members prefer to be played in the hallways, or if the idea of starting a series of marketing events thrills them.

Some useful options to collect feedback or conduct polls are GoogleForms, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, polls on Slack.

Accessing information fast and easy

One way to create a feeling of delight within your members is by responding to their requests fast and accurately.

People need answers and they need them as soon as possible.

Imagine the situation when a member comes to you and ask you when their membership plan ends and how many credits for meeting rooms they have left.

If you have a small community, you’ll probably recall most of these details with ease without even touching your computer. You answer their questions in less than a minute, you chat a little bit, wish them a good day and everyone’s happy.

How do you cope with that situation when you have 100+ members? How do you make sure you’ll respond quickly and provide them with all the information they’re looking for?

Relying on technology becomes crucial.

Storing the information in Excel sheets is one option. Have in mind that the more members you have, the harder it will become to find and link information between the different sheets.

Once your member base scales above a certain level, you might also think about introducing a community management platform that is tailored to the needs of your growing coworking space.

Having easy and fast access to information like memberships, contracts, invoices, credits, or any other membership management related data, will allow you to effortlessly respond to member requests.

If you’re curious about how OfficeRnD can help you with that, check out our coworking management software page.

OfficeRnD Admin Portal Community

Keeping your members informed

Does the following sound familiar:

You schedule an event and you start wondering where to post it to make sure as many coworking members as possible can learn about it. Should you include it in your weekly newsletter? Or post it on the #events channel on Slack? Or share it through your coworking software management platform?

Eventually, you share the information on all these channels, but it turns out that many people who would have been interested in the event missed the invitation because they were too busy to check Slack, or haven’t even signed up for your newsletter.

The truth is that you’ll have the capacity to manage just a couple of channels (aiming for all is too much overkill), and the answer to which ones depends on your members!

Ask them for an opinion. Create a poll. Talk to them. They will often be glad to give you valuable insights on which channels they prefer and use regularly.

Bonus tip:

To make the most out of the online channels your coworking community prefers, it’s helpful to know their specifications.

We’ve covered that in a separate blog post where you can learn how to use online tools like social media and chats to improve member visibility, encourage community interactions and keep your members informed.


When talking about improving member experience on scale, it’s important to know that on top of having a kind welcoming attitude, you need to be capable of easily collecting, accessing and spreading information so you can keep up with your growing number of members, and technology can help you achieve that.

It will allow you to be helpful to your community, respond to their requests fast and accurately, and keep them informed about what they care about.

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