This week we announced at FlexWorld 2022 the very first integrated hybrid work experience for coworking and flex space residents… and we can’t be more excited about this integration! Here’s why!

Coworking is the foundation of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work exploded throughout COVID and companies, small and big adopted it or are exploring adopting this new way of working. We’ve covered the topic at length here so won’t spend more time on its benefits.

Instead, it’s important to note that the coworking movement, a small spark that started a decade before the pandemic, now put the whole real estate world on fire with the mass adoption of hybrid working.

Fundamentally, hybrid work steps on the concept of flexible work, which is the foundation of the coworking movement too.

  • Flexibility over long-term commitments – flexibility of work schedules, workspaces, and terms.
  • People over facilities – who we share our time with is more important than where we share it.
  • Collaboration over separation – the space is where we meet, co-work, and co-create.

These 3 simple rules are the foundation of flexible working, serving as the base for both coworking and hybrid working.

The coworking members have always been working in a hybrid way, before, throughout, and after the pandemic was over.

Coworking Dedicated Spaces

But then, following the rapid growth of the coworking movement and the evolution of flexible working, we saw more and more companies joining the coworking spaces in dedicated, private offices.

Small and big companies are exiting their leases and joining coworking spaces because of the great flexibility they get. Furthermore, they take up a lot less space than they originally needed, many times in the ratio of 1/2 or even 1/3 desks to people. Why? Because employees want to work in a hybrid way of working.  Whether that’s 1, 2 or 4 days a week, companies don’t need the same number of desks anymore.

This infusion of hybrid companies, occupying dedicated offices in coworking spaces is beautiful. It’s a massive win-win for all parties involved.

  • Employees enjoy the massive benefits of hybrid work and coworking at the same time!
  • Employers pay a lot less per employee and also, have super flexible terms!
  • Coworking spaces make more revenue per sq. ft. as they can charge for more members than desks!

Everybody wins!

There’s only one problem. Managing this whole hybrid + coworking mix is hard. Very hard. The employee experience is not optimal either.

  • Employees book shared meeting rooms via the coworking apps
  • Companies build hybrid schedules and policies in excel or other apps
  • Administering it all is challenging for the company managers and the coworking operator

That’s why we brought together our leading coworking management platform – OfficeRnD Flex with our leading hybrid work solution – OfficeRnD Hybrid… and the end result was better than we expected! See the integration in action!


Learn more about the integration and sign up for a demo here. Or get in touch with our support or your customer success representative to join the beta of OfficeRnD Flex+Hybrid!

With love from Dallas, TX! Enjoy!

Miro Miroslavov
CEO and Co-founder of OfficeRnD
Miro Miroslavov is a software engineer turned into a tech entrepreneur. In 2015 he co-founded OfficeRnD - a leading flex space and hybrid work management platform. As a CEO at OfficeRnD, he grew the company from inception to a leading software vendor that serves thousands of customers worldwide. He is a big fan of flexible working and is on a mission to "Making Flexible Working the Way of Working".