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What is the FlexIndex?

We just released an updated version of the FlexIndex and its accompanying report with data for December 2021! You can download it here – ​​

Here’s a quick preview of what you can find in this new edition:

Back when we first released the FlexIndex, we said it was very likely for the December decline seen in previous years to be repeated in 2021. Our latest analysis of the data confirms that expectation.

FlexIndex Dec 2021

This is anticipated behavior due to the holidays, as it was repeated in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Fortunately, not all FlexIndex components regressed in December. In fact, two of the components – Static Desk Occupancy and Revenue per Available Workspace – continued their steady recovery towards the 2019 benchmark.

Again, for more details, visit the official FlexIndex page and download the full report. It’s completely free.

What is the FlexIndex?

For those who didn’t download the previous edition, the FlexIndex is our novel composite index that tracks the flex space industry’s global trends. Our data team created it by analyzing anonymized data from 1000+ flex spaces all over the world, with the help of OfficeRnD Analytics.

The index comprises 5 components (or KPIs):

  • Static Desk Occupancy;
  • Revenue per Available Workspace (RevPAW);
  • Bookings per Meeting Space;
  • Average Booking Duration per Paid Meeting Space;
  • Booking Revenue per Paid Meeting Space.

FlexIndex 5 components

We update the index regularly and plan to expand it in the future to capture even more of the industry’s trends. You can find additional information and keep track of the index on its official page –

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