Having our own conference is certainly a dream come true and being able to gather in person was something we’ve been looking forward to for some time. This year’s edition proved that employees and companies demand a shift of how they work and utilize office space. Тhere’s a new, different vision that employees have for a workplace. And we can hear it loud and clear – the full-time return to the office will never happen.

Keynote speech at FlexWorld Conference

FlexWorld 2022 reclaimed the definition of what hybrid means

We discussed the opportunities for companies to use a hybrid working environment within the context of coworking spaces. The sessions touched upon pain points for flex operators, coworking spaces, and businesses going hybrid, as well as how they can unlock the potential of hybrid work and benefit in terms of diversity, agility and environmental sustainability.

We introduced the workplace of the future as a continuum – not an HQ in the city center, and certainly not just from home where team collaboration is hard. But a combination of them colliding with a whole network of flexible spaces that give variety and optionality to everyone involved to work from where it works.

FlexWorld 2022 opened the doors to the secrets behind effective hybrid workplace management and development and how those link to employee experience, knowledge sharing and collaboration in the new hybrid environments.

One platform. Any workplace.

We also announced our partnership with Liquidspace and introduced the total hybrid work platform – Hybrid Anywhere. This new solution enables businesses to manage their own office base as part of their hybrid workplace strategy, giving their teams the seamless ability to work from anywhere. The first and the last sessions were dedicated to the obstacles business owners face when their old strategies are just not relevant anymore. Some of the matters we discussed include:

  • How to hire top talent and offer a great workplace, anywhere for whatever duration it might be needed for?
  • How to maintain control – employers have the moral and legal obligation to make sure that the place where their employees choose to work is safe and fit to do so. How to offer work-from-anywhere without losing control?
  • How to reduce office footprint – handle the inefficiency of using commercial real estate for the purposes of work.

People at conference

And last, but not least we’d like to thank all the amazing people who joined the conference and our speakers, including Mark Gilbreath, Adam Blaskey, Ieva Dvilinskiene, Rupert Dean and Georgia Sandom.

If you missed it, the recordings are now available on our YouTube channel.

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