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Recap of GCUC 2018 in London, UK

Oct 4, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read
GCUC London 2018 Highlights

The last GCUC took place in London, the UK on 25th and 26th September 2018. We had a great time!

As always, the latest “juicy” event proved to be a great platform to catch up with existing friends, but also make some new ones! We can’t emphasize enough the value that each discussion brought to us – the experience we shared, the validations we got, or even just seeing the familiar faces of a client or a partner that genuinely cares about how things are going!

GCUC London 2018 Salto team

With the Salto team. We are big fans of what they do!

We cherish the moments when we can be around people from the coworking community. It’s what inspires us and helps us to improve the way we add value to the coworking world. That was definitely one of those moments.

The content – nothing unexpected here, the focus again fell on coworking communities, wellness, investment, and market opportunities. We couldn’t attend every session (even though we wanted to), so here’s our highlight of the 2 days:

Hot topics and discussions

  • All things money: from valuations to financing your next space

It was a topic that gave a lot of food for thought. The whole industry is evolving which has an impact on the financing methods. As an example – more and more people choose work locations close to their home place to avoid traveling too long to work. That’s one of the reasons why investing in coworking spaces located in the suburbs (where most people live) makes a lot of sense for example. It was a practical discussion that focused on how you value your business, how you finance it and how to reach your profit goals.

  • The Great Debate: Is the coworking bubble about to burst in the UK?

Grant Powel, CEO of Central Working, a proud client of ours, took part as a speaker in this discussion. The huge rise of coworking spaces is a function of the increased interest towards them. This makes coworking a naturally evolving industry and not an artificially generated bubble. People migrate from traditional office areas to shared ones because it brings value to them. The coworking business has a solid base and grows organically so there’s no reason to claim it as a “bubble”.

  • The Office Group Story

The co-founders, Ollie Olsen, and Charlie Green shared their story of success. It was fascinating to learn how they actually met and started their company. They slightly knew each other but shared the same values and vision and that turned out to be the perfect foundation for making great business and finding an investment later on. Proof that like-minded people collaborate organically and can grow together!

  • UK Market Report – Let’s have a look at what’s happening

It was an interesting discussion about the intensive expansion of UK’s coworking spaces. The talk covered what’s specific about coworking spaces particularly in London, and statistics about how the market has changed in the last year. Here’s a useful article from Deskmag which was released soon after the conference and highlights important data on the topic: Quick Facts about the UK’s Coworking Spaces.


Can’t wait for the next juicy event!

GCUC London 2018 Coworking Market Report