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The Improved Customer Service Feature in OfficeRnD

Dec 9, 2019 ∙ 2 mins read

We are happy to announce that our revamped Customer Service feature, or in short Tickets, is now live in OfficeRnD. The improved version allows you to manage incoming tickets faster and easier, which will help you make your customer service even better!

Now you can not only receive and track tickets, but you can also add severity level and assign them to a respective member from your team. This means less time spent on issue management and better visibility on incoming tickets and their status. Ultimately, this will allow you to react faster and more efficiently to community requests.

The new Tickets module gives you everything you need from a full-fletched Customer Service tool. And you have the convenience of having this inside your OfficeRnD coworking management platform. So, no extra costs and complexity from using a separate customer service tool.

Let us tell you more!

Tickets | OfficeRnD

How OfficeRnD’s Tickets module works

In the Admin Platform, you will be able to manage the tickets of your organization in the Collaboration -> Tickets page.

There you can see both the tickets assigned to you and all the tickets in the system. These are ordered in a few tabs: Tickets Dashboard and a tab for each ticket status available (e.g. Open, Pending, Resolved, etc). In the Tickets Dashboard, each teammate can see tickets assigned to them and also open tickets with no assignee. The other tabs list all tickets with a certain status: Open, Pending, Resolved, etc.

In Settings -> Platform -> Tickets you will be able to create your own ticket categories, severity and priority levels, and automatic assignees per category. Ticket categories allow you to group different submissions so you can handle them easier and faster. For example, you can set the system to assign a certain teammate to a specific ticket group so when a ticket in this group is submitted, this teammate can be notified right away. Of course, these settings can also be location-specific and changed in Space -> Selected Location -> Tickets tab.

Members will able to submit new tickets via the Members Portal with just a few clicks with no obstacles. What categories and severity levels will be available for them to choose from depends on your preferences and the settings you make in Settings -> Platform -> Tickets. We are already planning to integrate Tickets into OfficeRnD Connect and your white-labeled mobile apps, but more on this will be available soon.Single Ticket | OfficeRnD

What’s next?

Go to Collaboration -> Tickets in your OfficeRnD Admin Platform and you are ready to start using Tickets. You can read more about how to use the module here and how to configure it here.

Of course, we’ll not stop here and will make this module even better! Your feedback will help us nail that, so let us know what you think! Drop us a line at support@officernd.com  or post your suggestions and questions in the Community Portal.