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Kisi integration – major improvements

Oct 11, 2016 ∙ 1 min read
Door Access Integration Update

A few months ago we released our brand new integration – Automated door access using OfficeR&D and Kisi. It was something our customers really needed, namely a way to automate the access of their members to the space. Kisi does this job perfectly, a cloud-based system that lets you unlock doors using nothing but your phone. Most of our clients were really excited to take advantage of such product.

The first version of the integration was pretty basic as it was only allowing you to restrict access based on membership plans. A good part of our clients, with up to 1 or 2 locations, found this extremely helpful. The access management became a breeze for them which, in turn, made us happy we could once again make their lives easier.

However, since the integration was having a great success helping people manage door access, they started asking for more. For example:

  • Grant access based on floor or location the member resides in;
  • Grant limited access to specific meeting room only for the period of the booking

There were more requests as well, some of them were really good so we decided to step up and add a great deal of functionality to the integration.

We summarised all the needs of our clients and updated the integration respectively. We even added support for day passes, meaning that you can specify to which areas the people you give day passes to, will have access. Cool, huh?

We believe all those improvements will bring great power and save a lot of time to coworking managers while allowing them to focus on making their members happy.

Check the official page of the integration here or read how easily you can setup and configure it using this guide!