A coworking management platform can significantly improve the process of submitting, tracking, and managing maintenance issues in your flex space. Ultimately, this will enable you to keep your customers happy with your space and service. In this post, you will find out more about why managing maintenance issues efficiently is important. Also, you will read about how the OfficeRnD Tickets functionality can help you nail the process.

Why is maintenance issues management important for flex spaces

Managing a commercial real estate workspace building always comes with facility issues. And this could be a true challenge for landlords, operators, and members. Things break, need repairing or replacing, as a result of utilization and amortization. Whether it’s about a broken coffee machine or door access technology that stopped functioning, it’s important for you to act fast and adequately.

The faster and more adequately you manage issues, the better experience your members will have. And the better experience they have, the greater their customer satisfaction will be. And isn’t that key for a successful business?

To achieve this you need to have a top-notch issues management process. It includes, but not limited to, monitoring the building and its assets, submitting tickets, delegating to your team, and communicating updates on the issues.

One of the biggest gaps in this process is not knowing that there’s an issue somewhere. You probably have strict procedures that your team follows to keep track of the building, its assets, and supplies. However, there’s always a chance to miss something, or for an asset to break, while you are not there. And that’s normal. In such cases, it will be the members of the workspace who will encounter the issue and want to communicate it with you.

Providing them with an easy and convenient option to do this will help you manage the problem faster and keep your members satisfied with your service. Such an option is the OfficeRnD platform for coworking and flex spaces that comes both as a management platform and a set of member-facing web and mobile apps. Below, you will find how it can help you manage tickets like a pro.

Utilizing OfficeRnD’s mobile app to manage your issues management process

Improving your issues management process by outsourcing a big part of it to your members is key to scaling good customer service. OfficeRnD’s mobile app helps by:

  • enabling fast and convenient process of submitting a ticket
  • storing all submitted tickets in one place, so members can keep track of issues’ status, and have access to tickets history
  • enabling easy and convenient communication between your members and your team

When members encounter an issue in the workspace, they can simply pick up their phone, open the OfficeRnD mobile app and go to the Get Help/Office section straight from the home screen of the app. Then, they can submit a ticket with a few taps. When submitting a ticket, they can:

  • add a subject and a description
  • choose from the categories you’ve defined – e.g. feedback, software, etc
  • choose from the severity levels you’ve defined- e.g. normal, critical, etc
  • upload an image – attach from phone’s gallery or take a photo directly with the phone’s camera

Once the ticket is submitted, it will appear in the Get Help and Office section. Also, members will receive a push-notification when somebody from your team answers to their ticket and when the ticket is resolved. Members can keep track of the conversation and the ticket’s status anytime in the mobile app.

*The same functionality is available in the web portal as well but we believe that the mobile app experience is much more convenient for members. 

maintenance coworking platform

How does managing a ticket look like for operators and/or landlords

OfficeRnD’s admin platform can help you and your team better manage and distribute the incoming issue request from members by:

  • notifying you when a ticket is submitted
  • keeping all tickets in one place, so you can monitor, filter and manage them easily
  • enabling easy and convenient communication between members and your team
  • enabling a convenient way of delegating tickets to specific people on your team

Let’s first take a look at what kind of settings you can customize in the platform. In the Admin panel, you can:

  • customize categories – e.g. feedback, software, etc
  • configure severity level – e.g. normal, critical, etc
  • allow automatic assignment – e.g., all tickets from the “software” category automatically go to your IT Manager
  • set automatic ticket closure after a certain period of inactivity

*Bonus tip: The OfficeRnD Tickets functionality is also very beneficial for multi-location management. It allows you to customize categories, severity levels, and automatic assignment per location.

Maintenance issues management

When members submit a ticket, the ticket appears in the Admin’s Tickets Dashboard and you get notified immediately. The Tickets Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all submitted tickets. It also shows additional details such as the requester, the assignee, the category, etc. From there, you can easily manage the tickets by:

  • filtering by member/company, category, severity, etc
  • assigning an Admin’s priority tag – e.g. high priority tickets will always stay on top
  • manually assigning tickets to people on your team if they have not been automatically assigned already
  • communicating with the requester, posting updates and changing the status of the ticket

With that, we believe we can improve the maintenance issues management experience both for you and your members. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line. Reach out to [email protected] if you are an OfficeRnD customer. Or book a demo if you are interested in getting started with OfficeRnD.

Michaela Ivanova
Content Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD
Michaela got involved in the flexible workspace industry in 2015 when she joined a boutique coworking space as a Community & Marketing Manager. Later on, she moved to the technology industry but she continued working from shared spaces. Her passion for coworking and her experience in the technology sector eventually led her to join OfficeRnD, the world's leading coworking management software, where she's dedicated to creating content that empowers workspace operators to scale their business.