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Miroslav Miroslavov
Jul 10, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

Community Management is a relatively nascent field, but one thing is clear: It’s playing a key strategic role in the Future of the Flexible Workspace. From landlords to workspace operators, companies are investing in ‘activating’ their buildings at a pace we’ve never seen before. With scale comes the need for strong leadership that understands the excitement of the community, the needs of a business and the issues of the real estate. Managing coworking / flexible workspace is a complicated matter. It’s a rare combination of skills.

Unlike engineering or many other domains, there’s no class or degree that helps us master the art and science of building communities and managing a shared workspace.

It’s hard to convey the business value of community when many business leaders still think of community as “hosting events from time to time” or “offering free beer on tap”.

We’ll try to solve these problems, and more, with the OfficeRnD Online Community.

It’s funny that we’re introducing our Community platform, just now, after we’ve implemented our coworking community platform for hundreds of customers. Better late than never, right?

Why we’re doing it?

There are many reasons, but the most important ones are:

  • Help Each Other Grow – there are amazing, experienced coworking managers our there that would love to help those just starting out with Coworking and/or with tips tricks for using OfficeRnD.
  • Share Ideas – our industry is full of creative people with great ideas about Coworking, Technologies, The future of the workspace and everything in between.
  • Discuss Features – we’d love to hear all your crazy feature requests and build them. We feel great when we have 1000 items on our backlog.
  • Provide Better Support – the community forum is a big part of our strategy to improve our service and respond quickly to your requests.

OfficeRnD Community

It’s live and available today! You can head over to the OfficeRnD Community and say ‘Hi’ to the fellow coworking managers, space owners, and our team.

Please, also make sure to read our Community Guidelines.

Let’s shape the future of coworking and flexible workspace management together. Let’s share ideas and help each other grow.