How to Support Remote Employees’ Wellbeing and Mental Health (in 6 Steps)

Convincing employees to start using yet another software system to interact with the office is no easy task. With knowledge workers today using a variety of software platforms to get work done, new softwares can get lost in the shuffle and employee adoption can be difficult.

We built the OfficeRnD Hybrid and Microsoft Teams integration to streamline setup and make it extremely easy for employees to book rooms and desks without having to log into another program. Our seamless connection with Microsoft Teams and Active Directory creates a simple onboarding process for employees and administrators alike. Let’s jump right into it!

Simple room and desk booking inside Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams integration empowers your employees to book rooms and desks from inside their Teams application. OfficeRnD will be presented as an extra tab inside of Teams that employees can click on to interact with and make bookings in their office.

Within OfficeRnD Hybrid employees are presented with a visual floor plan of their office they can use to pan and zoom to find the exact space where they would like to work. It’s also easy for employees to see all past and upcoming offices bookings to better plan their schedule.

See who’s in the office and manage bookings

Employees can also use the Teams integration to see who has booked resources in the office on certain days. They can easily search by name to see where their colleague is sitting so that they can book a desk close to them. This feature will help teams book their return to the office easier and feel confident about who they are seating near.

Authenticate and onboard employees quickly

The Microsoft Teams integration was designed to make it easy for employees to connect with Active Directory and authenticate their account so that they can get started booking desks quick. OfficeRnD Hybrid can be accessed by employees through the Teams desktop application as well as on the mobile phone.

We believe this integration will simplify the hybrid onboarding process and increase adoption among employees.

Getting started with OfficeRnD HybridΒ 

We are so thrilled to bring the OfficeRnD Hybrid and Microsoft Teams integration to our customers! We truly believe that this feature will help large companies onboard Hybrid easier across their workforce

If you are a OfficeRnD Hybrid user – you can start using the Teams integration today. If you’re not using OfficeRnD Hybrid already, sign up for a free 14-day OfficeRnD trial to get started and try it out today!

We will be announcing Teams update and more at our Industry Event FlexWorldΒ this October! Join us for further product updates and to hear from industry experts about the future of flexible and hybrid work.


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