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OfficeRnD and Included – making coworking more awesome

Jan 27, 2016 ∙ 1 min read Integration

I’m very excited to announce our partnership with, the ‘secret weapon’ service for members of coworking spaces and shared offices. Together, will merge new revenue streams with better space management for the whole coworking market.

New revenue streams for coworking spaces links up their network of connected coworking and shared spaces (a.k.a collectives) to businesses that offer great discounts exclusively for members of included collectives. This creates new opportunities for all the 3 sides of the equation:

  • Collective members unlock great savings on useful products and services.
  • These businesses reach passionate businesses in these collectives.
  • Collective operators make more money by connecting with the service.
  • Collectives attract more members as the value of their desk space increases.

Their platform creates an amazing opportunity for every coworking and shared workspace out there to add even more value for their communities (and improve their bottom line too). integration revenue streams

Better coworking space management

On the other hand we have OfficeRnD, the coworking management platform. Our partnership means we can offer our clients deep integration. This will result in great revenue opportunities through the ‘included Agora widget’. It will be fully integrated into our Community Portal so that all coworking members will be able to access the great discounts available through directly from within OfficeRnD.

In a nutshell, being included and using OfficeRnD means:

  • Workspace management? included!
  • Exclusive deal sourcing? Also included!
  • Additional revenue source? included too!

Now you can focus on keeping your community happier, healthier and more productive. Having the right tools in place means for you, the coworking manager, more time for your members and more revenue streams for your business.

Sign up now for OfficeRnD through and get the big discount offered to all included collectives.