What is a Hybrid Work Schedule & How to Choose One for Your Organization

Exciting news! We are happy to announce that we’re integrating Tally Market in OfficeRnD’s platform!

This partnership will allow flex space operators, landlords, and other OfficeRnD clients to gain access to new audiences and markets. The integration will directly expose OfficeRnD customers to Tally Market’s users when they’re choosing a place to work.


By partnering with Tally Market, we can deliver a significantly improved experience to both the flex space operators as well as the customers. This partnership ensures an awesome booking experience to the end-customers by enabling them to instantly book workspaces in a matter of seconds.

It also improves the operational efficiency and competitiveness of operators by automating the process and providing a seamless experience to their customers. We are delighted to have worked with Tally Market on this exciting project.

– Miroslav Miroslavov, CEO of OfficeRnD

This exposure to hybrid and remote teams will create a new revenue stream for our existing and future clients and maximize the use of their space. On the other hand, people looking for a meeting room or a desk would be able to book one in seconds, choosing from a variety of spaces and locations.

And to make it even more awesome – the integration can be set up in under 10 minutes with no technical expertise needed.

We have a mission to shape the bright future of work and we’ll continue doing that by providing advanced products and building new partnerships.


About Tally Market

Tally Market partners with hundreds of operators across the world to enable them to seamlessly offer their flexible workspaces to a growing market of companies wanting flexible workspace on-demand. Tally Market is a one-stop solution for workspace – offering teams hot desks, meeting rooms and full-time offices to teams.

To list your venue for free on Tally Market and set up the integration visit Tally Market or contact the team at

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