As a continuation of our partnership and numerous collaborations, OfficeRnD and LiquidSpace are introducing a joint solution for managing the full ecosystem of hybrid work – Hybrid Anywhere – from home to coworking to HQ. We share a common mission with LiquidSpace – to eliminate the complexity of office management and simplify the process of reserving space to work while providing the best experience for clients’ employees.

Now, Hybrid Anywhere is the one place HRs and workplace leaders can get the right insights and understand the new rhythms of work. That will result in a more informed strategic workplace planning process.

The solution brings together OfficeRnD’s Hybrid work platform and LiquidSpace Marketplace to offer the first total hybrid workplace management platform. 

hybrid anywhere

Employees can flawlessly access any workplace – whether a coworking space close to home, a hub location convenient to teammates, or company offices.

On the other hand, HRs, managers, and business owners can easily optimize office space and reduce leasing costs with the right hybrid policies and real-time reports.  

“As champions of flexible working, we always knew that coworking would play a key role in the future of work. We’re extremely excited to partner with LiquidSpace and bring real optionality to employees’ work lives. Hybrid work is not just about home or the office. The world has so much more to offer than that. We want to see people working truly from anywhere and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver this in partnership with LiquidSpace.” Miro Miroslavov, CEO, OfficeRnD. 

LiquidSpace and OfficeRnD, announced a partnership in February this year. This new solution enables businesses to manage their own office base as part of their hybrid workplace strategy, giving their teams the seamless ability to work from anywhere. 

“Employees, employers (and the planet) demand something better than a return to the office commute. Hybrid working is about working from where it works. This new solution gives individuals true choice, where any place can be an option, and gives companies a platform they can trust. They can trust in LiquidSpace and OfficeRnD.” Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace. 

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Elitsa Koeva
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