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My cubical and the raise of the coworking

Miroslav Miroslavov
Oct 26, 2015 ∙ 2 mins read

Last Friday, I gave  presentation on the HR Innovation Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria on “The Future of the Office“. It was an amazing conference – a day full of great talks and discussions with the HR professionals and executives from the region on different topics related to workspace, people and talent management.

Office as a Service

As coworking advocate, when talking about the Future of the Office, it was inevitable that my talk will be mostly about coworking spaces.

I truly believe that the coworking spaces will set the trends in the whole office industry. There is very good reason for it. If I use analogy and refer to the software industry – I would classify the coworking spaces as follow – “Office as a Service“. Which means the office space is the base product of the coworking spaces. Of course there is a ton of other great stuff on top of the office and the desk. The point is, when your base product is the office space, it has to be really good in all possible ways. That said, the coworking operators and managers innovate a lot and they are making amazing things in the office in order to make their tenants happier, healthier and more productive. They will always try to create the best product (office) they possibly can. If they don’t, they will just lose their customers. Which means the coworking spaces should always be step ahead in the office innovation and awesomeness.

If you’re managing corporate office, you should keep an eye on the Coworking boom. You’d better follow the trends in the office design, productivity, collaboration and community innovations that are the happening in the coworking world. They will be the fuel of innovation in the whole office industry.

From My Cubicle to Our Coworking

Right after my talk, it was Dr. Leslie Szamosi talking about the “The way Generation Y works“. It was amazing talk with really interesting data and findings. But when he played the song My Cubicle, referring to the change of our mindset and our workplaces, it just blew my mind. This song is just awesome and shows us the long way we took from My Cubicle of 1985 to The Raise of Coworking in 2015.

Just enjoy the song…

Greetings to all coworkers and coworking managers


My job is stupid my day’s a bore,
Inside this office from eight to four
Nothin’ ever happens my life is pretty bland,
Pretending that I’m working, pray I don’t get canned.

My Cubicle, My cubicle
It’s One of Sixty two
It’s my small space in a crowded place
Just a six-by-six foot booth
And I hate it that’s the truth

Well, I give a sigh as the boss walks by,
no one ever talks to me or looks me in the eye.
And I really should work but instead I just sit here and surf the Internet.

In My Cubicle, My cubicle
It doesn’t have a view.
It’s my small space in a crowded place
I sit in solitude.
And sometimes I sit here nude.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Happy Monday and let’s enjoy the next 12 working hours out of the cubicle with the nice view from Rainmaking Loft, London.

Rainmaking Loft, London

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