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Smart Room Booking

Make it easy to find and book the right room
Find available spaces

The right space can make meetings more productive. Find the space with the best location, size and amenities with the help of advanced search and book it on your mobile device or through the web portal.

Manage booking and cancellation rules

Set permissions for how, when, and by whom a meeting room can be booked. Define your own booking cancellation policies to ensure that unused rooms are made available.

Make decisions based on data

Detailed analytics allows you to uncover trends in meeting room usage. Analyzing utilization rates, average booking durations and other metrics enables you to improve the way your team uses the workplace.

Don't take if from us

kane willmott_iq offices
Kane Willmott

Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices

With OfficeRnD, the member facing services and the billing work extremely well together, so you don’t have to integrate it.
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