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Advanced Workplace Analytics

All the tools to better understand how the workplace is used
Pre-built dashboard with core metrics

OfficeRnD Analytics comes with pre-made dashboards for tracking room and desk utilization, occupancy, and more. Key metrics are available at a glance without additional setup.

Custom Dashboards and Widgets

The analytics module of OfficeRnD is powered by a BI tool that allows you to dive deeper into the data and create your own dashboards using a collection of 50 available widgets.

Powerful BI Reporting Engine

OfficeRnD Analytics is a powerful data platform and business intelligence tool. It is based on an integrated BI, which facilitates the creation of new reports. The platform enables the manipulation of reports with interactive data sets and filters and provides the ability to export or email reports automatically.

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kane willmott_iq offices
Kane Willmott

Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices

With OfficeRnD, the member facing services and the billing work extremely well together, so you don’t have to integrate it.
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