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All-in-one Workplace Apps

Deliver a great workplace engagement experience
Customizable and secure apps

Both the workplace mobile app and web portal are customizable. You can easily experiment with different layouts, rearrange sections and build custom pages.

All apps (web, mobile, and tablet) use the highest security infrastructure. We are an ISO 27001 and GDPR certified organization and we keep your data and the data of your employees secure and protected.

Workplace Mobile App

The mobile app connects employees with the workplace. It lets them browse and book desks, meeting rooms, and other assets you’ve made available such as parking spots and more. Push notifications can be used to notify employees about important updates such as a visitor who has arrived or a new policy they must-read.

Download the OfficeRnD Members app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Workplace Web Portal

The web portal enables employees to self-service similarly to the mobile app. Workplace teams use it to present available resources, communicate policies, how-to guides, and other important documents. Employees use it to book rooms, desks and submit facility tickets, and more.

OfficeRnD Rooms

A tablet app that enables your customers to see meeting room schedules right at the door of each conference room.

Download the OfficeRnD Rooms app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Kane Willmott

Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices

With OfficeRnD, the member facing services and the billing work extremely well together, so you don’t have to integrate it.
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