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Billing and Payments

Save Time by Automating Your Billing Process
  • Generating invoices has never been easier – setup automatic invoicing or do your monthly bill runs with just 1 click.
  • Make sure invoices are received – choose who should receive invoices and automate the process of sending them.
  • Collect online payments with ease – use OfficeRnD’s payment integrations to collect online payments via CC or ACH (Direct Debit), bringing down the time (and cost) to charge members.
  • Send overdue reminders and payment failure notifications automatically. Configure detailed (and customized) automatic receipts showing members a break-down of their purchases.
Scale With Billing Multi-location Support
  • Spend the same effort you were spending when you had just 1 location by invoicing different Billing Entities from a single OfficeRnD account.
  • Save time and leave no room for error by having to update multiple accounting and payment accounts. Connect each of them to a separate (or multiple) locations in your OfficeRnD account.
  • Access data and reports on all (or separate) locations to get the info you need to scale.
  • Ensure the consistency of the invoicing experience of your members by defining unified invoice and notification templates and using them across multiple locations.
Deep Accounting Integrations With Quickbooks and Xero
  • Maintain up-to-date accounting records with a real-time, two-way connection between your coworking software and accounting system.
  • Invoices issued by OfficeRnD will be populated with the next available invoice number, making sure that you and your accounting team keep your current operational process and don’t face a steep learning curve.
  • Follow the links to get more info on our Xero and Quickbooks integrations.
Improve the Invoicing Experience of your Members
  • Keep a consistent and professional look through every step of the invoicing experience. Customize the look and feel of your invoice templates, system notifications, emails, and payment receipts.
  • Allow members to access all things billing from the Members Portal – updating billing details, paying or accessing invoices is now one click away for them.

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kane willmott_iq offices
Kane Willmott

Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices

With OfficeRnD, the member facing services and the billing work extremely well together, so you don’t have to integrate it.
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