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The future of the corporate office and hybrid work

The workplace has changed. People now have a lot more choice in terms of how and where they work. The company office is one of many locations where work happens.

As a result, companies have an office footprint smaller than the size of the team using it. This creates a challenge of managing access to the workspace, the use of desks, meeting rooms, and other resources while keeping employees engaged.

OfficeRnD helps workplace teams enable and facilitate desk booking, meeting space reservation, visitor management and more.

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hybrid workplace management easy desk booking

Easy desk booking

Let your employees easily find and book desks for office days. You can define which desks are assigned and which are shared.

Available desks can be booked on desktop or mobile devices. Desk analytics help you make informed decisions and adapt your workplace as needed.

Meeting room booking

Make it easy for your team to find and book the right meeting space from any device. Information about the room capacity and amenities can be made available so the right space is easy to find.

Smart room scheduling takes care of notifications and freeing the room if it’s not used.

hybrid workplace management managing visitors

Managing visitors

Welcome guests with an elegant visitor management system that keeps your workplace safe and saves your team time.

The great visitor experience and streamlined guest management create a delightful experience for everyone.

Resource management

Create custom resources for anything from parking spots to foosball tables.

Custom resources can be booked by employees just like meeting rooms and hot desks.

hybrid workplace management resource management

Mobile and web engagement apps

OfficeRnD comes with a mobile app and web portal that enable employees to book desks, meeting rooms and more. Workplace teams can use the app and portal to communicate company policies and benefits, create and manage events, manage discussion boards and streamline facility requests and tickets.

The mobile app and portal can be fully white-labeled with your company branding.

Integrations with the apps you use

OfficeRnD integrates with various collaboration, productivity, door access and other systems to provide a great experience to employees and workplace teams.

hybrid workplace management SSO

Streamlined and secure login with single sign-on (SSO)

Employees can use their enterprise credentials to log into OfficeRnD so they don’t have to create and remember new passwords. This also reduces security risks as corporate accounts are managed centrally.

Workplace analytics

Workplace analytics shows you how your team uses the workplace, what’s working well and what needs to change . The pre-built dashboards help workplace teams keep tabs on utilization, capacity, desk booking trends, and more.

Custom dashboards can be created to dive deeper into the data.

hybrid workplace management analytics

Put employees in the driver’s seat

  • Enable office desk bookings

    If not all employees work at the office at the same time, you need an easy way to manage who is working where at any given moment. OfficeRnD enables employees to easily see if desks are available and book them on the days they plan to go to the office.

  • Use an interactive floor plan

    Keep track of your physical space layout, utilization and all your key resources in a through an interactive floor plan.

  • coworking meeting rooms booking software
    Streamline meeting room bookings

    Your employees can browse, filter and book a meeting room from their smartphone or right at the door of a room. Notifications and reminders will be sent right away so they don’t miss a meeting.

  • Manage maintenance requests

    If your employees encounter a problem they can easily submit a ticket and notify your team. They’ll get notified for any updates and work in progress.

  • coworking engagement tools
    Improve communication and engagement

    Our premium member apps include a branded (white-labled) web-base portal and mobile apps that come with a variety of communication and engagement features including  newsfeed/message board, events, massaging system, push notifications and more.

  • Communicate company benefits

    Use the Benefits section on the web portal and mobile app to communicate all discounts and other benefits available to your employees. 

  • sso
    Enable single sign-on (SSO)

    Enable your employees to use their enterprise credentials to log into the OfficeRnD platform. Increase security and simplify employee onboarding and offboarding.

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