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Less time spent on mundane tasks. More time for your members, your team and your business!
  • Maximize Productivity

    Save time by streamlining and automating administrative tasks such as accounting, payments, meeting room bookings and more.

  • Improve Member Experience

    Enable your members to book rooms, engage with your space, submit tickets, and more.

  • Integrate Easily

    Use dozens of native integrations to connect OfficeRnD to all systems that you already use.

On the demo we’ll show how you can

  • Automate administrative processes

    Automate manual tasks like billing, payments, meeting room bookings, contracts, and more

  • Provide the best digital experience for your customers

    Use our suite of web and mobile apps to improve member experience and retention

  • Maximize your staff’s efficiency and grow your business

    Get a real-time snapshot of your business metrics

  • With OfficeRnD, we spend a lot less time managing memberships and billing.

    kenny kane
    Kenny Kane
    Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace

Connected to all the tools you love

Plug-n-Play: Connecting the best workplace, building and business technologies there are!

  • SSO and Authentication
  • Google and Outlook Cals
  • Slack and MS Teams
  • Door Access Control
  • WiFi and Networking
  • Accounting and Payments
  • 100s of Zapier integrations
  • 50+ Native integrations


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