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    Save time by streamlining and automating administrative tasks such as accounting, payments, meeting room bookings and more.

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    Enable your members to book rooms, engage with your space, submit tickets, and more.

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    Use dozens of native integrations to connect OfficeRnD to all systems that you already use.

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Get Real-Time Reports on Key Business Metrics

Get a unified view across your workspace portfolio to enable fast, evidence-driven decisions and sustain growth. Report on key metrics such as revenue, billing, occupancy, resource utilization, and more.

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Increase Data Security with a Certified and Compliant System

Achieve operational excellence while keeping your data secure. OfficeRnD is ISO 27001 and GDPR certified and keeps yours and your customers’ information protected.

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Book a meeting room for your members, or let them do that on their own – no more complex sheets and tables! Set booking and cancellation policies and keep track of utilization rates.

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Making flexible working the way of working

Making flexible working the way of working has always been our main goal.

We started OfficeRnD because we believe that workspaces could be something more – platforms that help you focus on your work, give you access to knowledge you didn’t have before and connect you to like-minded professionals.

Because of that, every day we strive to help flexible workspaces – the champions of the future of work, deliver amazing experienceΒ to their customers, more power to their brand, and sustainable growth to their business.

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Miroslav Miroslavov

CEO & Co-founder

We build our tech and our team to help you run the world’s best workplace; delivering amazing experience to your customers, more power to your brand, and sustainable growth to your business.

We’ve been in your shoes

Experts with years of experience as workspace operators are among our team.

Not only does this help us shape even better our product but we can really understand your pains.

Mike Everts
US Regional Manager
Co-Founder | SharedSpace

β€œJoining the OfficeRnD team was a great opportunity to use the knowledge that I’ve learned from the industry to help build a software that will empower owners across the world with the best tech and tools to run their spaces”

Leonardo Teles
Enterprise Account Director
Former Sales Director | Central Working

β€œExcellent customer service is what I’m passionate about. Being part of OfficeRnD is a great opportunity to connect and support Flex Operators, and help inform the development of the platform to meet new and fast changes in the digitization of the industry.”

Miryana Stancheva
Customer Success Manager
Former Growth & Community Manager | Ahoy!

β€œComing from the industry and having implemented OfficeRnD at Ahoy! Berlin gives me a unique perspective and depth of understanding of our clients’ pains and gains. It is exciting to see how my coworking experience and knowledge can support OfficeRnD’s growth and development.”


  • Ben Munn, Managing Director of Flex Space, JLL

    Ben Munn has more than 20 years of commercial real estate experience with a huge focus on the flexible industry. He’s been one of the main forces influencing our product and has been helping us not only understand the state of our industry today but also where it’s headed in the future.

    Currently, as a Managing Director of Flex Space at JLL, he provides global oversight of JLL’s flexible space offerings, assuring successful launch, commercialization and adoption around the world. He has also served as the Head of Workplace Strategy at CBRE, Managing Director of Business and Solution Development at Instant Group, and Managing Director at Regus (now IWG).

    Ben has been part of OfficeRnD’s Advisory Board since 2016, helping us understand even better the flexible workspace industry and deliver the most effective solution on the market.

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    The OfficeRnD team inspire me with their focus on the customer and the product. The care they show in always putting the customer and their needs first is rare and valuable.

    I have been lucky enough to watch their journey from the early days and am incredibly impressed with what they have achieved to date. And the most exciting thing is that the best is yet to come!

    Ben Munn

    Managing Director Flexible Space, JLL

  • Inga Taylor, CEO of Opstech Services Ltd

    Inga Taylor has more than 20 years of serviced office experience and has been one of the main forces influencing our product development to meet the needs of Serviced Offices and Business Centers.

    She has years of experience in helping workspaces excel in operations, and open and set new locations. Eventually, she founded Opstech with the aim to provide strategic advice and support to business owners and operators within the flexible workspace sector.

    Her focus on operational excellence and deep understanding of the complex system of a flexible workspace has helped us raise the bar on how our company supports all the little moving pieces that, if managed properly, come together to form an outstanding member experience.

    Inga has been part of OfficeRnD’s Advisory Board since 2016, helping us shape our product and deliver the most effective solution on the market.

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    inga taylor photo
    pattern-1 pattern-2

    I met the OfficeRnD team when there were just 4 of you in 2016. I was impressed by the teams understanding of the sector and product as a new platform and wanted to contribute to its development. I am passionate about what you do and I really see it as something new, fresh and with a future.

    Inga Taylor

    CEO, Opstech Services Ltd

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  • Google and Outlook Cals
  • Slack and MS Teams
  • Door Access Control
  • WiFi and Networking
  • Accounting and Payments
  • 100s of Zapier integrations
  • 50+ Native integrations


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