Plans built for growing and established flexible workspaces





  • Starting at

    $89 / per month
    • Pay as you grow – each new active member costs you just $1.6

    • The white-labeled mobile app costs an extra $99 / month

  • Base Plan Include:
    • 50 Active Members
    • Unlimited Locations
    • Unlimited Integration
    • Unlimited Backend Users
    • Unlimited Drop-By Members
    • All Available Member Apps
    • Basic Support Package
    • Basic Onboarding Package
  • Customer Service Add-ons

    We’ve developed a number of Training and Onboarding packages based on our work with hundreds of customers of all size, so we can help you hit the ground running with OfficeRnD and make sure you’re as productive as possible from day 1.

All plans include:

  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Integrationс
  • Unlimited Backend Users
  • Unlimited Drop-By Users


We’ve developed a number of Training and Onboarding packages based on our work with hundreds of customers of all size, so we can help you hit the ground running with OfficeRnD and make sure you’re as productive as possible from day 1.

Don't take it from us

  • “I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do an excellent job. I’m glad we at Greenhouse decided to work with you. OfficeRnD’s team handled the entire onboarding process professionally and in a prompt manner. The best customer support I have experienced on a SaaS product! Thank you, keep on rocking.”

    Viktor Kyosev
    General Manager | Greenhouse
  • “OfficeRnD has helped us turn 2 days in 1.5 hours.”

    marta_cloud coworking
    Marta García
    Business Strategist | Cloud Coworking
  • “OfficeRnD has enabled us to grow seamlessly. Using other software we were constantly let down, and faced a multitude of errors. We spent more time fixing issues created, however, this isn’t the case with OfficeRnD! The team are rigorous and always release awesome updates that are thoroughly tested, which means we get the best tech with none of the headaches. Our community managers can do their job whilst we look like hero’s for running a tight ship! Thanks OfficeRnD”

    matt greenwood_desk cowork
    Matt Greenwood
    Founder | Desk Cowork


Customers love us and we love them too

All You Need To Maximize Productivity and Improve Member Experience

  • Fully Integrated Solution
    Lead and Member Management

    Manage relationships from lead to revenue, remove friction in your members’ journey and improve client retention.

  • World-class support
    Memberships and Contracts

    Easily manage the full range of your services from one-off products to flexible memberships and create contracts in seconds.

  • Great Usability
    Billings and Payments

    Automate your whole billing process to save time and ensure your accounting records are always up to date. Get real-time reports on revenue and outstanding balances.

  • Focused on members
    Meeting Room Bookings

    Allow members and guests to go online and book, confirm, and manage their meeting room reservations in any of your centers.

  • Fully Integrated Solution
    White-Labeled Member Apps

    Improve members satisfaction with mobile apps that offer convenience and help members interact with your space and staff in real time.

  • World-class support
    Community and Collaboration

    Increase member’s visibility, stimulate knowledge-share and nurture business relationships by exposing members to each other and giving them the means to collaborate.

  • Great Usability
    Occupancy and Resources

    Visualize and communicate availability in a nice and easy way to keep everybody on the same page. Get insight into revenue, occupancy timeframes, and more with just a click.

  • Focused on members
    Analytics and Reports

    Get a real-time snapshot of your revenue, billing, occupancy, resource utilization, and more to enable fast, evidence-driven decisions and sustain growth.

Your questions answered

  • Do you offer help with system setup and training?
    Yes, we do! We guide you through a step-by-step setup process and help you with importing your Members, Bookings and Floor Plans into the system.
  • Is there a minimum fee?
    Yes, we have a minimum monthly fee of $89 that includes 56 active members. The initial price per active member is $1.6 and drops as your member base grows. See other FAQ questions for a definition of active members.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes, we offer a 30 days free trial. Sign up for a quick demo so we can give you a head start or submit a trial request if you want to get started immediately.
  • What is an active member?

    An active member is defined as an individual person that has an active monthly (recurring) product or service associated with their account in OfficeRnD. This means that drop-in members such as nomads using a day pass or people that just booked a meeting room will not count towards the total number of active members.

  • How to contact support? How to report issues?
    You can either email us at or send us a ticket here.
  • Do you charge in currencies other than US dollars?
    Yes, we can also charge in EUR and GBP depending on your location.
  • What integrations do you support?
    We have multiple built-in integrations. Got some technology that you love? Let us know about it or integrate it with our API.
  • Do you have a native mobile app?
    Yes, we have native mobile app that allows your members to self-service themselves and engage with the community. Available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • We’re a non-profit organization. Do you have special pricing?
    Yes. Please get in touch with us at for more details.
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