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September 23, 2020: Improved Payments Export & New Reception App

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Sep 23, 2020|2 mins read 1

Many bug fixes and improvements are already released and we are excited to tell you about them:

We released:

  • Improved Payments Export
  • Reception App (Available for downloading soon)

We improved:

  • Performance Improvements Which Makes OfficeRnD Faster and More Stable
  • Merged “Not Approved” and “Awaiting Approval” Fee Statuses

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs which we resolved

Improved Payments Export

Thanks to the constant feedback we receive from all users we were able to improve the payments export and make it even more useful.

Noticeable changes are:

  • Refunds are better listed in the export
  • Overpayments are shown as a separate entity
  • Custom Properties columns are better ordered

Reception App

One of the highlights of the developments of this Q is the brand new Reception App which will make the members experience you provide even better. In this release notes we are just hinting that this is coming literally any moment now and will share more in a dedicated blog post in the upcoming day.

OfficeRnD Reception App

Merged “Not Approved” and “Awaiting Approval” Fee Statuses

Since we introduce the Discounted Fees Approval Flow in the last release notes we had two similar statutes for fees:

1. Not Approved – legacy status used to mark fees bought via Member Tools marked as “Require Approval” in the Plan’s configuration
2. Awaiting Approval – the new status used for Fees that were discounted more than the set thresholded and required approval from admin with the needed permissions

With this release, we are merging both of these into Awaiting Approval and you will be able to see both of these kinds of Fees in the Awaiting Approval tab on the Fees page. Also, all admins with Approve permission for One-offs will receive notifications about new fees that are with Awaiting Approval status.


  • All-day recurring bookings didn’t display the last occurrence in the calendar
  • Invoice: Export Payments Data: Registration Number wasn’t exported
  • Some Payments dates weren’t correctly visualized
  • Pressing the back button after logging out of Member Portal 2.0 was logging you back in.
  • Members Portal 2.0 wasn’t respecting “Member Portal Order” Setting for Billing plans
  • “Learn more” links in Door Access integrations were broken
  • Filters by size and number of people per meeting room weren’t available on the new Public Calendar
  • Special symbols (Cyrillic) in Contracts’ number were leading to errors when creating and generating the PDF files
  • Statements were failing to download/send when there are Cyrillic letters in the customer name
  • The Moneris Add Payment details dialog wasn’t working if you first enter invalid data
  • Special symbols (Cyrillic) in the Company’s name was leading to errors when trying to export bookings summary
  • Special symbols (Cyrillic) in Invoice number was leading to errors when trying to generate receipt

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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