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September 8, 2020: The New Public Bookings Page in OfficeRnD

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Sep 8, 2020|6 mins read 1

Summer hasn’t slowed us down and we are releasing improvements to OfficeRnD every single week. Here is a summary for the last few releases:

We released:

  • New Public Bookings Page
  • Revamped Occupancy Report
  • Approval Flow for Discounted Fees
  • Extended Control of Privacy Options for Members in the Members Portal

We improved:

  • Performance Improvements Which Makes OfficeRnD Faster and More Stable
  • Improved Security for Push Notifications

We Fixed:

  • More than 50 bugs which we resolved

New Public Bookings Page

We are happy to announce that our new Public Bookings Page is now live! It follows closely the recently released new designs of the Members Portal and Mobile App and provides the same ease of use in booking resources.

Public Bookings Page OfficeRnD

The Public Bookings Page allows you to expose some of your bookable resources to prospects (non-members) of your organization, so you can bring fresh traffic into your space and improve the utilization of your shared resources.

The page will automatically inherit the branding you’ve applied to the Member Portal, as well as some of the custom CSS code changes like branded fonts, style changes, etc..

Besides the UX and Design improvements, we’ve added the following improvements to the page:

  • All your custom bookable resources will now be visible on the page (if marked as “public”, of course)
  • The different languages you’ve enabled will now be reflected in the URL – you can now add a link to your website that will automatically open the page in the language you prefer
  • The page is fully mobile responsive, which eliminates the friction when making a booking from a mobile device
  • The sign-up flow is completely revamped and now has dynamic form fields validation, an easy account creation process, and a great overview of the sign-up steps.

Revamped Occupancy Report

We’ve made some big improvements to our occupancy report by adding a “Summary” tab that offers a great overview of your occupancy and business performance, and highlights key metrics that were not available before such as general offices occupancy, a number of desk rates (RevPOD, and RevPAD included) and more. It’s broken down in the following sections

  • Revenue Occupancy – how your business is performing when compared to the targets you’ve set (the stretch), the List Price of the resources you’ve set (based on market trends), and your actual performance so far.

  • Desks Occupancy – a breakdown of how much of your space is occupied if you’re tracking this on a desk level and the price per desk calculated in a number of different ways.

  • Offices Occupancy – a breakdown of how much of your space is occupied if you’re tracking this on an office level and the price per office calculated in a number of different ways.

  • Area Occupancy – a breakdown of how much of your space is occupied if you’re tracking this on an area level and the price per sq. m/ft.

OfficeRnD Occupancy Report

Approval Flow for Discounted Fees

We heard from many admins in OfficeRnD that they want to have an easy and streamlined way to manage fee discounts and how their sales and community manager use them. This is why we are happy to say we have released a Discounted Fees Approval Flow that will help in such cases.

Discounted Fees Approval Flow OfficeRnD

Once you activate and set up the approval flow to your preferences in Settings -> Billing -> Enable approval flow for one-off feesΒ each fee added with more than the selected discount threshold will require approval from an admin with the needed permissions.

Admins who have the “Approve” permission for One-off fees will:

  • Receive notifications for new fees awaiting approval and see them in the Awaiting Approval tab in the Fees page
  • Be able to approve Fees
  • Be able to edit fees before approving them

Extended Control of Privacy Options for Members in the Members Portal

With personal privacy becoming more and more important in today’s digital world, we’re trying to invest constant effort in keeping up with what’s expected from users today.

To provide your Members with better control over their privacy options, we’ve extended the Welcome Wizard of our Member Portal to include the privacy option controls. We’ve also disabled members’ public profile by default, so they’ll feel safer and have better control over their privacy.

Welcome Wizard OfficeRnD


  • Addin an empty tag to a member through the API was removing existing tags
  • Sometimes Members Payment Details were populated to the company after sync
  • Select all button in the invoices grid wasn’t working correctly with the billing lock date set, both for Draft invoices and for Approved invoices
  • New Credit Note Default Date to be Today and not the Invoice Issue date
  • Brivo Door Access System sync wasn’t working well for accounts with >1000 users
  • Kisi Door Access System sync was throwing Rate limit exceeded error
  • “Settings -> Apps” page wasn’t always working properly (Code 403)
  • Attachments created after 27 July 2020 couldn’t be downloaded
  • Couldn’t book resource for the whole day on the date when the daylight saving time is changed
  • Sometimes there was an error when generating an invoice PDF and the invoiced is within a Billing Lock Date period
  • Booking couldn’t save custom properties of type Date
  • Hierarchical Meeting Rooms: Checking for bookings wasn’t ignoring canceled bookings when removing parent/child relationships
  • The partially occupied desks metric was missing from the CSV export file
  • Kisi Door Access System has introduced a rate limit in their API that OfficeRnD was initially hitting when inviting members.
  • The customer field wasn’t available when creating a Credit Note
  • Having memberships or fees with consecutive ids was breaking the manual bill run
  • Sometimes Kisi sync was failing when there are too many shares for each group
  • The new version of the member portal was reverting to the old one once URL is changed
  • Hosted Payment Gateway was returning 504 Gateway Timeout when redirect URL opened in a Browser without a session
  • Selecting a single default language for the members portal wasn’t respected
  • Couldn’t invite Guests when Booking Mode is set to Date instead of Time for Meeting Rooms
  • The values in “Revenue as a % of list” metric were missing from the occupancy report when they are equal to 0
  • Deposit held field wasn’t shown on Renewed contracts
  • The Plan T&Cs in the shop weren’t properly formatted with longer T&C titles.
  • 3D Secure Payment with Stripe wasn’t showing a pop-up window for authentication
  • Couldn’t add payment details if you open member portal 2.0 on a mobile device
  • Bank accounts weren’t shown in the Charge dropdown for CardConnect
  • The Not Invoiced warning wasn’t respecting the Location filter
  • The Ezeep integration didn’t work as expected when there are members with the same e-mails in the system
  • Whole day business hours didn’tΒ  show in the Calendar by default in the new member portal
  • 24-hour bookings weren’t showing up with Business Hours filter in the member portal
  • Merging one-off billing plans used as meeting rooms extras was triggering “Booking Updated” email notification
  • When the Billing period is Member’s start date the warning about locking the automatic bill run wasn’t shown
  • Payment integration ACH sync was working even if the ACH setting is disabled
  • Couldn’t merge teams with invoiced membership
  • Verifying the from email in OfficeRnD resets the email was resetting the click tracking option in Mailgun
  • Slack was overriding custom properties in certain cases
  • Renewal option for contracts could cause issues when a source renewed contract is terminated before activation the new contract
  • Couldn’t search by company/member name in the Search field in the Projected Revenue Report
  • The Member App was constantly reloading when trying to login with a user from another organization
  • When editing recurring booking in google calendar (create exception) and sync the google calendar integration new booking was created instead of creating an exception
  • No push notifications were sent when the news feed is disabled
  • A booking confirmation message was sometimes sent on booking update
  • Automatic bill run was failing if at least 1 invoice is not valid
  • Deleting a fee through the grid wouldn’t return the coins
  • The user’s timezone was affecting the start date of contracts and reports
  • Sync more than 8 documents with Xero wasn’t pulling charges and no errors
  • Meeting room Privacy option Limited – the system wasn’t allowing users to choose members
  • Invoices with 100 percent discount are generated by manual bill run, but couldn’t be added
  • Couldn’t add payment details for Place integration
  • If the Booking Checkout Page is not enabled, you couldn’t open the public calendar
  • All-day recurring bookings didn’t display the last occurrence in the calendar
  • Exporting the Payments Data wasn’t exporting Registration Number
  • Payments weren’t correctly visualized
  • Pressing the back button after logging out of member portal 2.0 was logging you back in.
  • Member Portal 2.0 didn’t respect “Member Portal Order” Setting for Billing plans
  • “Learn more” links in Door Access integrations weren’t working
  • Filter by size or number of people per meeting room wasn’t available in the new public calendar

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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