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April 19th, 2018 Release

Apr 19, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

The past few weeks on our side were absolutely busy as you have probably all noticed. We redesigned the layout and the navigation of the admin platform and we tried to create a more consistent behavior for you and your team mates.

With that, we also focused on improving the payment integrations behavior on the admin side of the system by exposing multi-location configuration options for the Stripe and Ezidebit integrations. This is why you can now connect each location in OfficeR&D to a separate Stripe and Ezidebit account.

I am also happy to say that we now support SEPA Stripe payments, which can easily be enabled under Settings/Integrations in the Stripe configuration settings.

Here is what else we released today and over the past couple of weeks.


  • We redesigned the OfficeR&D platform one more time to make it easier to navigate.
  • You can connect multiple Payment gateway accounts to different locations (Stripe and Ezidebit for now, more to come soon).
  • You can start collecting SEPA Stripe payments.
  • You can search for members by their phone number under the Community/Members pages both on the members and admin sides of OfficeR&D.
  • You can also delete multiple fees in a bulk operation under Community/Fees.
  • We have also enabled better filtering in the Dashboard/Activity view where you can search for activity records based on operation type and collection (e.g. changes of type Add over the invoices, members or credits collections).
  • Reception‘ role teammates can now add and edit company and member profiles. This enables them to book meeting rooms for new members.
  • When creating a message under Collaboration/Messages, the system will respect the new lines added in the formatting of the message when it is transferred over email.
  • You can map Non-Current Liability Accounts from Xero in the Revenue Account mappings in the Xero integration configurations.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Revenue report discrepancy when a one-off fee and a membership both belong to the same account. Currently, the report displays the amount of the first one only.
  • In the Calendar module, the Floor drop-down list is not sorted.
  • Custom properties for member and company are nor exposed in the PDF for Invoices and Contracts.
  • Contract template type is not shown when editing the template.
  • Incorrect behavior when booking – in some cases, the validation fails during the re-accounting of bookings.
  • Checkin dialog for a single day pass shows more check-ins than it should.
  • Checking a member in through the admin does not set the team to the check-in.
  • Terminate contract changes the end date of the membership with the wrong date because of a 1-hour offset.
  • Incorrect grouping of recurring credit bags
  • Admins could add booking without end date from admin calendar which is not seen or accounted but member receive email with invalid date
  • Center managers are not able to delete memberships
  • Plans cannot be merged if there are extras for bookings with already invoiced fees
  • Resizing issues with Spaces and with the new menu
  • When you collapse the menu main vertical menu it doesn’t hide directly as the mouse is still over the menu.
  • Export floorplan doesn’t work for organizations with a lot of resources
  • Addendum of Contract is not shown on Contracs page
  • ACH account numbers dialog is limiting the number of digits to 12