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April 2017 Release

May 5, 2017 ∙ 3 mins read

Jeff Haden says the two words that define success are ‘Work Hard‘. We surely agree. So we work very hard. And because we love coworking too, we say that the true path to success is ‘Cowork Hard‘. That is adding another layer on top of the working hard ethos – the community and sharing part of working hard.

April was a month full of hard coworking for us. We’re hitting the gas on our development effort as much as we can. It’s very hard to sum up all the goodies that got into the platform with our latest release but let me try.

Members Portal

  • Welcome Wizzard – enable a welcome page for new members
  • Connect Social profiles – your members can now connect their Twitter & LinkedIn profiles which will collect their Bio and Photo. Their profile will also be shown on their profile card.
  • Meeting rooms info panel – the meeting room page has now a panel on the right that shows more info about the room like price, pictures, info, etc.
  • New Member cards and various other UI improvements

Admin Portal


  • New options for adding contact, logo, addendum, and more;
  • Ability to change the resource deposit when creating a contract
  • Ability to edit non-signed contracts

Billing Improvements

  • Editing discounts – now you can edit existing discounts;
  • Ability to tick off one-off fees and membership fees when creating an invoice manually;
  • Ability to tick off customers/invoices when making a manual bill-run;
  • Improved reliability of the invoice sending – we worked hard to ensure more robust and reliable invoice sending procedure;
  • Credit notes improvements – PDF generation, accounting software sync, better presentation in the Portal and more;
  • Alternative proration algorithm – now you can prorate on both Average Month Length and Current Month Length
  • Improved Xero & QuickBooks sync;

Checkin / Day passes Improvements

  • Checkins report – first and very basic overview of your members checkins by month;
  • Multiple improvements to ensure more reliable checkin infrastructure and day-passes management

Space Management Improvements

  • Performance improvement – we did several improvements on the loading time and the floorplan management;
  • Assigning desks – the desk assigning dialog is now easier to use;
  • Office info – when you select an office on the floorplan, you’ll see the full details for it;
  • Various fixes – past memberships not showing location, availability of offices in the future, and more;

Meeting Room Bookings

  • Booking extras as separate products – now the extras are defined as separate products so you can add accounts, different price options and more;
  • New email template for inviting guests;
  • New email template for non-members booking from the public calendar;

Reports & Other

  • Occupancy report – lots of improvements and new bits on our advanced occupancy report
  • Checkins report – as described above;
  • More multi-location options – ability to set different email to receive notifications from the system
  • Fees page – an overview page where you can filter all one-off charges of selected type for specific month




We partnered with the Australian company PayDock and integrated a range of new payment options in OfficeR&D through their platform. Through PayDock, you can connect OfficeR&D to various options like PayPall, Braintree, Ezidebit, Westpac (PayWay), Authorize.Net, WorldPay, eWay, Nab, and more.

Here’s a bit more info for Pay Dock:

PayDock is a smart payments platform connecting to your e-commerce or online payments solution/gateway.
We enable you to add multiple payment gateways instantly, access new payment methods and manage all payments data from one place.

Stay tuned for information on the PayDock integration.

QuickBooks & Xero

  • Multiple Xero/QuickBooks accounts into a single OfficeR&D organization – we expanded our multi-location support further by allowing you to connect multiple accounting integrations in one account. This way, you can keep your location bills in separate Xero/QB accounts but still keep all your members, spaces, locations, invoices, and all in between in single OfficeR&D space.

Mobile App

We’re also working hard on getting our white-labeled/dedicated mobile app out. If you’re interested in joining our Beta-testing program, please get in touch at

In case you’re at GCUC today, say Hi to Miro or Jessica from our team. We’d love to chat about Software, Apps, Coworking, and all in between.