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August 20th, 2019 Release

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Aug 21, 2019|5 mins read 1

Lots of new features, lots of improvements and lots of bugs fixed – all of these are in the new OfficeRnD release. Summer is just giving us more power to push more and more updates and there is no slowing down. Read along to learn all the details of the release and also visit our new Community Portal to express your opinion on these and future updates of OfficeRnD

— TL;DR —

We released:

  • Hierarchical Meeting Rooms
  • Aged Debtor Report
  • Global Add Button
  • Invoices’ Custom Properties in the Manual Bill Run
  • Integration with Moneris Payment Gateway
  • Generate Invoices on an Exact Day of the Month (with Automatic Bill Run)
  • Beta Version of eSign Functionality for Contracts

We improved:

  • UI of the HubSpot Integration Configuration
  • HubSpot Integration for Single Location Organizations
  • Brivo Onair Passes Granting/Revoking Option
  • Avg. Occupancy of Hot Desks in the Resources Report

We Fixed:

  • More than 30 bugs which won’t bother you anymore


Hierarchical Meeting Rooms

We are super happy to announce the first version of our Hierarchical Meeting Rooms feature which will allow you to manage better your flexible meeting spaces. With this release, you will be able to define a child-parent relationship between rooms and guarantee fast and easily the availability of all the child rooms if you want to book the parent room and vice-versa.

This option is a Resource Type setting so you can find it under Settings -> Resource Types -> Editing the needed resource type -> Allow parent/child relationship checkbox.Β Once activated for a specific resource type (e.g. Meeting Rooms) you should make sure you have created instances of this resource for both all the children and parent resources. For example, if you have 3 meeting rooms (London, Manchester, Liverpool) which can be combined into one larger room (England) you have to create all of the 4 resources as you would normally do, assign them the wanted resource rates, privacy levels, etc.

If you have any questions or comments on this feature you can express them in our new Community Portal.

Aged Debtor Report

An aged debtors report is a list of customers that owe payment to your business. Simply put, the agedΒ debtor report provides a detailed list of which members owe your company money. You can check it at any given time to gain an overview of whether any payments are overdue and which customers might need a little reminder. Also, the report can give you good visibility if the debt of a specific member is close or over the sum of the held deposits for this member which will indicate the level of risk for your organization.

Aged Debtor Report | OfficeRnD

If you have any questions or comments on this feature you can express them in our new Community Portal.

Global Add Button

We are all about making your life easier. Sometimes easier means faster, so we are excited to introduce the Global Add button. It is a simple, yet a powerful thing. You can find it as e “+” button in the most-left menu bar. When clicked it will give you the choice of adding a Fee, Member, Company, Contract, Invoice or an Opportunity. In this way, you can quickly add any of these entities from anywhere in the platform with just one click.

Global Add Button | OfficeRnD

If you have any questions or comments on this feature you can express them in our new Community Portal.

Invoices’ Custom Properties in Manual Bill Run

Until now when generating your monthly invoices with the Manual Bill Run you were unable to populate the custom properties of the generated invoices at once. With this release, we are introducing an expandable menu which will allow you to input values in all the invoice custom properties your organization uses and then the Bill Run will populate these values in all the generated invoices in this specific Bill Run.

Bill Run | OfficeRnD

If you have any questions or comments on this feature you can express them in our new Community Portal.

Moneris Payment Gateway

With this release, we are introducing a new payment gateway integration – Moneris. This gateway will work only with Canadian credit cards, it will be available both on Member Sign Up and Public Calendar and it does support Multi-Locations.

If you have any questions or comments on this feature you can express them in our new Community Portal.


Generate Invoices on an Exact Day of the Month (with Automatic Bill Run)

If your business process requires the invoices to be generated on an exact date of the month (with the Automatic Bill Run), OfficeRnD was not handling this perfectly until now because the only option for selecting the date for “Generation of Invoices”, “Invoices Issue Date” and “Invoices Due Date” was number of days relation to the billing date. We got feedback that because of the different length of different months these dates were floating with 1 to 3 day.

This new setting can be found inΒ Settings -> Billing -> “We’ll generate invoices:” -> “Use exact day of the month dates for the automatic generation of invoices”. It will allow you to select a day of the month on which you want the available actions to take place.

Exact Date Bill Run | OfficeRnD

If you have any questions or comments on this feature you can express them in our new Community Portal.

Following is the list with all changes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • New Fees Import flow
  • Exporting of Bookings’ Custom Properties
  • Public API for Visits and Visitors


  • New UI for Filters across the platform
  • Better Warning Messages for HubSpot Integration configuration problems


  • Public API Offices was returning the Target parameter of the Office without the needed authorization
  • New warning messages in Hubspot configuration notifying that it will create members and/or companies in OfficeRnD
  • When mapping Contact/Companies in the HubSpot integration configuration and Values are not selected show warning/error
  • Canceling next month’s coins wasn’t subtracting the coins if already granted
  • A one-off fee could be invoiced twice from two different windows if its name is changed in the process
  • If the required fields within a custom form don’t have inputted value, the Update button becomes grayed out, without highlighting the problematic field
  • When you were creating a HubSpot integration without opening the configuration modal the sync wasn’t working
  • If a location or a custom property is deleted the CRM integrations sync would break
  • It was possible to end up with a credit note allocation to a credit note
  • Signup wasn’t working unless you ask the user to provide payment details in the payment gateway settings
  • The Sign-Up Page was showing incorrect dates and price when proration setting is set to First or Second invoice
  • Invoice Statement’s Export button wasn’t available to admins with custom permissions
  • Adding a membership for a plan with specific terms & conditions wasn’t asking the member to agree with the new T&Cs
  • Processing fees weren’t removed from the invoice upon selecting a different payment method
  • Click on used day passes was not showing you for which check-ins was the day pass used
  • Organizations were not able to add a bank account in some cases
  • Bill run with specific Billing Date per customer wasn’t calculating the periods correctly
  • Social provider links in members portal weren’t appearing once connected (even after refresh)
  • Linking LinkedIn for some profiles was returning error 500
  • API wildcard filters weren’t working on Plans API
  • QB wasn’t syncing payments when the invoice has an allocation for the same amount
  • Automatic cancellation of recurring bookings wasn’t working if the user has checked-in for earlier occurrences
  • API endpoint /auth/signin was generating a token for a disabled member which is still usable with the /events and /user/profile API
  • Bookings with once coins weren’t charged properly when booking for more than two months in the future
  • Credit note wasn’t taking into consideration if the discount is an amount and not rate
  • Forte was showing an exclamation mark for Pending and Successful payments
  • When booking a room in the Members Portal and the window is resized to make it smaller the Day/Week/Month tab was active
  • Organization stats weren’t displayed in the morning for some organizations
  • Couldn’t add a Credit note from Company page when you have Lead related to the company
  • Editing Fee window was freezing when with bigger latency occurs

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.

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