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Aug 28, 2017 Release

Aug 28, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read

Slack Integration

This is one of our most exciting integrations to date! This native integration will auto add new members when you’re onboarding them, allow your members to chat with each other – you can even push notifications right to a Slack Channels from the admin Community/Posts module (or Member posts). Head to the integrations page to check it out and enable for your community. Read more here.


Accounting Software Auto-sync

You can now enable nightly sync of charges back from your accounting software (Xero or Quickbooks Online) to OfficeR&D. This automation will auto mark your invoices as Paid and will record the payment information in OfficeR&D to help you see when members have paid. Enable the feature by clicking Configure on your Integration and tick the ‘Pull charges automatically‘.

Members Portal Custom Pages

You can create custom pages, grouped by tag or statuses – Do you have experts, mentors or maybe alumni board that you want to display to your community? Need an extra page to add into your members portal? Then enable this feature in your ‘Apps / Features’ dashboard.
Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release:


  • Direct Slack integration
  • Members portal custom pages
  • Implement “Important Links” per location
  • Display payment method for paid invoices in the Portal
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting files
  • The bill run can now be run by anyone with Center Manager permissions
  • Remove bookings section from the Member Portal when Meeting Room booking feature is switched off
  • Show a notification on plan update that existing memberships are not affected by the changes
  • Don’t allow plans that are used somewhere in the organisation to be deleted
  • Allow center managers to delete one-off fees that are not invoiced
  • Allow users to setup issue date and due date of the invoices created by the automated bill run
  • Multiple billing contacts
  • Accounting software nightly sync – Xero and QuickBooks
  • Show Xero tax rate name in the configuration window
  • ACH payments via CardConnect is now an option
  • Checkins report for daily member activity in the space
  • Add visitors export – filtered by date and location
  • Export locations and summary
  • Ability to export the bookings report
  • Add totals to the revenue report
  • Display booking extras in notification mails
  • Make exceptions to recurring bookings
  • Members portal UI, search fields and tag improvements
  • Admin tags page (Settings / Community / Tags)


  • Fix Credit note default issue to be today
  • Fix entering incorrect credit card in the public calendar used to break the application
  • Fix OfficeR&D invoice line item grouping and rounding – different than Xero’s
  • Fix incorrect data in the occupancy weekly report
  • Fix QuickBooks synchronization error