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Aug 4, 2017 Release

Aug 4, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read

‘Pay Now’ Available To Members

Have your members been complaining about being automatically charged for their invoices? Have they asked for the ability to pay their invoices through the portal? The Pay Now functionality available in the Billing section of the portal will give your members the freedom to decide when to pay their invoices.

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‘Send Feedback’ Available To Members

To further improve your members experience in the portal, we are also providing them with a feedback form to quickly submit a question, suggestion or report an issue to your email address without leaving the portal. Enable this functionality from the Apps/Features section.

Feedback Form


Enable Members to Request a Membership Cancellation

With this release, we’re enabling an Allow Cancellation option as part of the Portal settings of every billing plan. When enabled, this functionality will enable your members to request a membership cancellation via the members portal from the Membership section.

Cancel Membership


Here are more details on everything that is coming up in this week’s release.


  • We’re introducing an Automated Billing Operations summary on top of the Settings/Invoicing section to provide you with an overview of the automated billing operations configuration. You will also find the company and individuals profile pages Overview extended with a summary of the automated billing operations specific to them.
  • Members can create recurring bookings that repeat on a monthly basis.
  • Members are notified of the cancellation policy applied to the room when booking a time slot.
  • When a member books a meeting room via the public calendar, the space administrators receive a notification email.
  • You will see multiple optimizations on the members’ profile pages in the admin portal of OfficeR&D. We’ve filtered more information out to create a better experience while reviewing companies with multiple members and long history.
  • You can now add the date and the price of a one-off product in the invoice item template for one-offs available under Settings/Invoicing.
  • The invoices exported CSV now contains information about the document type to differentiate invoices from credit notes and it also lists the allocations – the relationship between invoices and credit notes.


  • The Revenue report under Dashboard is broken.
  • When the issue date of an invoice is changed the minimum date of the due date field is not updated.
  • When the plan period is updated (month, once) the icon is not updated.
  • When granting members access via Kisi, the timezone of the space is not taken into consideration.
  • The Memberships report under Dashboard is not showing correct membership prices.
  • The amounts in the invoice documents (PDFs) aren’t properly formatted when using a currency code instead of a currency symbol.
  • Used credits in the Portal are showing 0(zero) even when the member has used them.
  • When a plan has a setup fee, it displays the default deposit as an optional setup fee, when creating a membership.
  • When creating a new plan, the prorate option seems deselected.
  • Accounting software sync is available even when a sync operation is running in the background thus enabling the duplication of invoices.