OfficeRnD 2017 Year in Review What’s Wrong with Coworking Software

Dec 14th, 2017 Release

Dec 14, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read
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With December almost over, we’ve got yet another set of improvements in OfficeR&D.

With this release, we’re introducing the lifecycle of a contract. The lifecycle starts with the contract creation – if you’d like to have a team of approvers for every created contract, make sure to trigger the Approval Process from Settings/Contracts. This way every created contract will remain in a Draft state until an approver reviews it. The other new stages of the contracts include Notice Served, Renewal Due, Renewal Overdue and Expired.


This release also includes a better accountability of refunds. In the rare cases when you need to refund an invoice, you will be able to issue a Credit Note for a paid invoice right from the paid invoice. In the Credit Note, you’ll find a Refunds section where you can record the refunded payment. This way the system will account for the return of services and any refunded amounts.


See what else is available with this release.


  • We have one more payment gateway enabled under Settings/IntegrationsBottom-Line PTX Direct Debit.
  • You can map Brand Themes in Xero to Locations in OfficeR&D in the integration configuration under Settings/Integrations.
  • You can configure email preferences for the notification emails the system sends for bookings under Settings/Calendar.
  • The members portal sign-up page shows the actual name of the tax when calculating the summary of the member’s purchases.
  • You’ll also find improvements in the desk resources multi-select options on the floorplan.


  • Disabled the option to add invoice with a total of 0.
  • Email validation is available for all email fields.
  • Resolved issues with calculated credits for the last occurrence of a recurring booking.
  • Resolved issues with the Capsule integration configuration not saving Office mappings.
  • 1-day bookings of Hotdesks made via the members portal are now displayed on the calendars on both the members and admin portals.
  • Updating membership dates in some cases used to create overlapping moves of a resource. This issue is now resolved.
  • The check-box “Fees from previous periods” in the manual BillRun now disables the Fees Period dates filter.
  • Individual member created from admin can now use the Pay Now functionality.
  • Name of the office (private office) and a number of desks is now properly printed in contracts and the tax is properly calculated.
  • Improved the way membership updates affect credits allocations.
  • Better validations of the custom resources and zone types.
  • Added all  OfficeR&D payment accounts in the accounting integration configurations.
  • Members can now use the Pay Now button in the portal for their personal invoices.
  • We resolved issues with private rooms that were available to all members on the portal despite their access settings on the admin side of OfficeR&D.