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December 1, 2020: Deliveries Management for the Reception app

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Dec 2, 2020|2 mins read 1

We are delivering more and more new stuff to our new Reception app and we are happy to announce in this release we are launching Deliveries Managment.

We released:

  • Deliveries Management for the Reception app
  • Easier Member Access to Public Calendar and Signup

We improved:

  • Xero Integration Update to OAuth 2.0

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs which we resolved

Deliveries Management for the Reception appΒ 

With the latest version of the OfficeRnD Reception app, members are able to receive deliveries. The Deliveries management functionality removes the administrative burden from your team and allows you to focus on delivering an excellent member experience.Β 

The flow is super easy and quick – the delivery person has to just select the receiver and click confirm. The Member will be notified via email or push notification (through the OfficeRnD mobile app) that he has a delivery.

Reception App Deiveries OfficeRnDΒ  Β  Β Reception App Deiveries OfficeRnD

Easier Member Access to Public Calendar and SignupΒ 

The Public Calendar and Signup Pages can now be used by members to book rooms and purchase plans and services. The update will allow members to use all links on your webpage to the public flows.Β Β Β 

When a member tries to book a room through the Public Calendar or to purchase a service through the Signup Page, we recognize them now, ask them to login and they can complete the process in a blink of an eye. Note that only rooms, plans, and services which are marked as available for purchase on the Public Calendar and Signup pages in the admin settings will be visible for members.

Easier Member Access to Public Calendar

Xero Integration Update to OAuth 2.0

This update will provide a better and more secure connection between OfficeRnD and Xero and will guarantee the problem-free operation of the integration after Xero deprecates their OAuth 1.0 API.
OAuth is the way you authorize OfficeRnD to access a connected Xero account and perform the two-way sync. The update is already released without any downtime of the integration and any unwanted disconnects.

We are dedicated to supporting our Xero integration and providing the best and most secure way for you to use it.


  • AR Aging report wasn’t working for organizations with 2000+ companies
  • Voided invoices were affecting the AR Aging report
  • AR Aging report wasn’t working properly when there are duplicate location names
  • Occupancy Dashboard didn’t show the correct amount for resource types from type “hotdesk” and “desk”
  • Members Portal: There was a UI issue with filters on smaller resolution
  • Members Portal: Editing recurring booking wasn’t always working as expected
  • Recurrent booking with an occurrence which is restricted by a Limit couldn’t be updated/canceled
  • Localization issue when the Default Language wasn’t present in the Member Portal Languages list
  • Currently assigned membership wasn’t shown in “Space”->”Resources” and in Reports->Occupancy
  • Members Portal: Invoices link in Members Portal always leads to the company tab
  • Members Portal: Wrong Payment details on Public Signup and Booking should re-direct the user to either Shop or reload booking modal
  • Xero invoice sync with multiple Xero accounts could cause a team/member to re-sync to the wrong Xero account.
  • Members Portal:Β  Members with the status “Former” andΒ  “Contact person” didn’t see the billing tab

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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