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Feb 26th, 2018 Release

Feb 26, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

A new release is out and it also brings highly requested features. To start off, we are introducing the ability to apply discounts on contracts and recurring memberships. You can create plan discounts under Billing/Discounts and then use them when you create new or edit existing memberships. The new functionality allows you to define a percentage or value amount that will be taken off the monthly fee for the membership and the system automatically adds the discount to the member invoice as long as their discounted membership or contract is active. Read more. This is the first step of a larger discount story coming with the next releases – to allow members to signup or book resources with discount codes.


We are also introducing cancellation policies for bookings. When you navigate to Settings/Bookings & Calendar, you will find a list of Cancellation Policies which will replace the Cancellation Period that you were previously applying on resource rates. The cancellation policy enables you to define cancellation fees based on a multi-step condition set which can differ for active members and non-members. Make sure to check our documentation for more details.

Next, we’re expanding the list of invoice attributes that you can edit as long as the invoice is not yet updated. The editable items now include the DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity and Discount of every line item. You can review the full list of editable properties in this tutorial.

Here is the complete list of new features and fixes shipped in this release.


  • We’re introducing amenities within OfficeR&D. You can add new amenities to Billing/Amenities. The created amenities can be included in billing plans and resource rates. The amenities added to a billing plan are displayed on the portal and signup pages as part of the plan description. The amenities included in a resource rate are displayed as part of the description of those meeting rooms that are governed by the resource rate. Read more.
  • Improve the members’ select drop-down across the system to display the former members as well.
  • You can now download a presence report created over your members’ check-ins. Read more. 
  • Automatic Tentative Booking Cancellation property under Settings/Bookings&Calendar. You can use it to have the system automatically cancel tentative bookings that haven’t been confirmed. Read more.
  • Contract page improvements – add company and contract type fields on the contract page view.
  • We’re introducing a new chart under Dashboard/Revenue, named Revenue Distribution that splits/groups the revenue report by plan or plan type.
  • Show the values of Custom Properties of type Boolean as “YES|NO” instead of “true|false”.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • Checking in from a WiFi network does not pick a day pass.
  • The Community/Memberships grid could not be sorted by any of the columns.
  • Revenue report prorates plans that are configured not to be prorated.
  • Improve the Add Invoice dialog to better describe how to create a personal vs. a company invoice when personal fees are enabled.
  • You could add a Contract without a member from the Community/Contracts page.
  • Admin notifications for tentative bookings don’t take into account the booking notification preference of the admin team.
  • Filtering by office/location does not work on the bookings page.
  • You could not buy something from the eShop when you have only DD payment provider and have “Ask the user to provide payment details” enabled.
  • You can’t set the Target property of Desk resources.
  • Editing multiple resources breaks them.
  • Custom Pages should be hidden for Drop-In and non-active members by default.