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Feb 9th, 2018 Release

Feb 9, 2018 ∙ 3 mins read

With OfficeR&D you can now create Membership, License and Lease Agreements each coming with a pre-set template, stepped pricing and its own specific contract entities. Navigate to Settings/Contracts to enable all three or read more here about the new functionality.


We are also exposing a functionality to terminate contracts so that you can manage the legal side of the relationship with your customers in a more structured way. Head over to the brand new Contracts section on our documentation portal to learn more.

We are also exposing a set of options to configure different purchase flows for members and non-members. Go ahead and read more about the new settings available under Apps/Signup & Public Calendar.

You’ll also find a few new menu options on the admin side of OfficeR&D. We’ve moved all collaboration options under the new Collaboration tab. We also added a Forms configuration page under Settings and you can use it to customize the address and billing details fields that members have to fill on signup or when they complete their members portal profiles.

See what else is available with this release:


  • Detach line items of voided and credit noted invoices and make them available for invoicing in a new invoice. Read more.
  • Expose Liability accounts in the Xero integration on the OfficeR&D side.
  • You can now enable creating invoices with $0.00 total amount. The option is available under Settings/Invoicing.
  • Display and edit the plan deposit when creating and editing a contract.
  • Add buttons for ‘Add’ & ‘Add & Approve’ when creating contracts.
  • Expose the ‘team.vatId’ property in the Contract template.
  • Improve the Dashboard/Your Space layout.
  • Change redirect parameters for PT-X Onboarding.
  • Enable Kisi to always send welcome emails when access is granted to a member.


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • It is possible to delete the only step in a contract.
  • When signing up or booking though the public calendar an invoice is send with confusing text.
  • Creating a new organization with the same slug as an existing company throws error 500.
  • Validate contract steps.
  • Contract dates pickers are not working well.
  • Initial load of the member directory in the members portal is not loading past the first page.
  • You should not be able to delete contracts when there are invoices for the memberships associated with it.
  • In some cases the Invoice number is not sent to Stripe – for instance when it is part of a paid booking.
  • Set Credit note status to Voided – the Voided status is not synced with Xero.
  • Contracted Memberships are locked but you can still delete them.
  • You should be able to edit the name of a contract membership.
  • Editing a resource from the Floorplan has no effect then on the resource all around the app.
  • The ‘required’ checkbox is not working for fields connected to custom properties of type ‘select’ and ‘multi-select’.
  • Email templates for ‘Booking Created – Public’ is not updated and also some properties are not listed in the available properties for usage in the template, e.g. {{resourceTypeTitle}}.
  • You can create organization with same slug as another.
  • Welcome email is sent twice.
  • ‘Multi-select’ type of properties don’t shown on the signup page.
  • Charge fails when it is triggered after a sign up from the members portal with enabled accounting integration and WorldPay PG. There are also issued with the invoice number in this scenario. The invoice number should be generated from the accounting software.
  • The Facebook integration is broken.
  • After detaching a line item (only for one-offs) you need to refresh the browser to invoice those items.