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27/02/20: New and Improved Coworking Invoicing Feature

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Mar 9, 2020|4 mins read 1

In February, we worked on the Invoicing feature of the OfficeRnD coworking management platform. Our focus was on improving the Export functionality and adding more Customization options. Here’s a summary of what we did:

coworking invoicing featureWe released:

  • Multiline Footers and Headers in Templates
  • Invoice’s Status and CreatedBy Field in Invoices Export
  • Setting Allowing to Restrict Invoice Number Editing

We improved:

  • “Require Attention” Status for Contracts When Relevant Resources are Occupied
  • Multiple Performance Improvements

We Fixed:

  • More than 50 bugs which we resolved

Multiline Footers and Headers in Templates

Templates editor just became even more flexible allowing you to have multiline footers and headers in contracts and invoices. Now you can include more and better-formated information in there to achieve the exact template designs you want.

Invoice’s Status and Created By Field in Invoices Export

Another bit of OfficeRnD that just became even more flexible is Invoices Export. We introduced to new properties you can include in your exports: Invoice Status and Created By
Invoice Status will give you the information if an invoice is pending, paid, overdue or else in OfficeRnD
Created By will export the name of the admin (or automated schedule) who created/added a specific invoice

Setting Allowing to Restrict Invoice Number Editing

If you want to restrict admins of your organization to be able to edit the invoice numbers both during and after their creation this setting allows you to do exactly this.

If invoice number sequence consistency is hard to achieve with many admins having access to your OfficeRnD Admin Platform and accounting problems arise from this, now you can easily assure only automated numbers will be assigned to invoices and the sequence will be 100% preserved in all cases.

If you enable this setting no admins, no matter their permission level will be able to edit invoice numbers. You need to disable the setting first if you want to do edits.

Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • For a short time it was not possible to export members from Community -> Members
  • Occupancy report wasn’t showing the Company/Member’s name when exported
  • T&Cs couldn’t be changed for a contract. The default ones were always used
  • If the bookings list was very long it wasn’t loading because of an internal error
  • Loading lists with more than 1,500Β  members in Community -> Members was sometimes very slow
  • If adding credit card operation fails non-descriptive error was shown
  • Contract E-Sign wasn’t placing the eSign tags on the specified place but was defaulting to the end of the document
  • Creating a booking from the Admins Platform wasn’t triggering a notification email for a short time
  • Customer dropdown wasn’t searching for Companies/Member with symbols (+ & #) in the name
  • Deletion of Invoice/Credit Note/Overpayment wasn’t redirecting to Billing -> Invoices list page
  • Couldn’t select a company member if there were more than 50 listed
  • In organizations with a lot of teammates Settings -> Teammates list wasn’t loading
  • The cancellation policy ofΒ  bookings wasn’t applied when the booking needed an approval (tentative)
  • Searching for Recipients in the dropdown menu wasn’t finding members if there was an empty space before its name
  • Some admins weren’t able to add Credit Notes if their organization has a custom role without “Create line item” permission
  • Sending booking email reminders sometimes fails and reminders are not sents
  • eSigning a contract wasn’t working when you have custom code in the contract template
  • Booking summary when editing a recurring meeting sometimes was showing confusing information when credits are used
  • Imported bookings didn’t have a Source property assigned
  • Member invoices weren’t deleted when a company is deleted
  • Invoices in the company page weren’t correctly displayed
  • The dropdown in Add teammates was closing immediately upon opening
  • Admins with custom permissions couldn’t use the Booking Summary Export
  • When trying to delete a member who has a booking with hierarchical meeting room and undescriptive error was occurring
  • Updating a recurrent booking was creating a cancellation one-off fee sometimes
  • Editing a booking was creating double fees sometimes
  • Custom property of type Date wasn’t working when applied to contracts
  • When you edit one-off custom property if the initial custom property was empty the update wasn’t saved
  • It was possible to double book hierarchical meeting rooms in the past or 1 year in the future
  • Bookings report wasn’t including canceled bookings
  • Custom property of type Date wasn’t working as expected sometimes
  • A credit note or Invoice comments section weren’t showing new comment without refreshing the page
  • Company/Member’s Start Date was shown incorrectly depending on the local machine time zone
  • Changing the location in Members Portal wasn’t refreshing the Floors dropdown
  • One-off plans have the option to assign a resource rate discount to them, but it is wasn’t working
  • When doing an export containing a custom property, the column name in the .csv file wasn’t updated if the name of the custom property is changed sometimes
  • If Profile -> Terms page in the Members Portal was refreshed, the page was getting broken
  • Booking from the public calendar was sending the wrong email to admin
  • The Members notificationΒ  based on Booking Requested Public template was never getting sent
  • Location name property in Receipt templates was an object and couldn’t be used
  • Day passes that are granted from membership with a start date in the (far) future were showing the wrong period
  • Member link in the admin email for Request Booking wasn’t working for Individual members
  • Occupied office desk from Private office wasn’t making the PO occupied in Search Resources
  • The Billing details Option – “Enable non-members to add their billing details when signing up.” wasn’t working

P.S. If you are interested in learning about how OfficeRnD can help you manage the entire billing process, check out this infographic explaining our integration with Xero and QuickBooks.

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to share them in ourΒ Community Portal.

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