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February 3, 2021: Touchless Sign-in for the Reception app and New Prepayments Report

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Feb 3, 2021|3 mins read 1

We are starting February with great new features in our Reception App, a new Prepayments Report, some performance improvements, and fixes for as many bugs as we found.

We released:

  • Touchless Sign-in for the Reception app
  • Easier Checkout for Members & Visitors
  • New Prepayments Report

We improved:

  • Performance Improvements of Plans Page

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs which we resolved

Touchless Sign-in for the Reception app

Visitors can now sign in to your space easily without touching the tablet at your reception or interacting with the receptionist. They need only to scan the QR code on the Reception app and can sign in quickly on their own device. The QR code can also be printed and placed at the reception. With this feature you:Β 

  • Limit the spread of germs and greet guests with care
  • Show care and protect the health of your receptionist or space manager
  • Allow visitors to escape queues when everything is back to normalΒ 

Touchless Sign-in OfficeRnD

Easier Checkout for Members & Visitors

The checkout has never been easier on the Reception app. Members and visitors can now check out in a blink of an eye removing the hassle of typing an email. They just need to type 3 letters and their name will pop up. After confirming their identity they are all done.Β 

If security is a concern for your organization – no worries we have you covered. You can disable the Quick Search setting in the Admin. By doing so a full name match will be required to get name suggestions.Β 

Prepayments Report

Often clients make payments in advance and being able to easily know how much credit for services starting in the future you hold is vital from an accounting perspective. Our new Prepayments Report gives you the opportunity to see this at a glance and also dig into the details of which exactly clients and services have been paid for in advance.

Similar to every other report you can export this data into a .csv file and use it externally to OfficeRnD.

Prepayments Report OfficeRnD

Performance Improvements of Plans Page

We have significantly improved the performance of the Plans page in Billing in the Admin. The plans are now paginated, they load quickly and can be filtered without any hussle. You can choose how many plans to see per page – 10, 25, or 50.

Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • Events with start day from the day before were displayed as Upcoming Events when negative UTC timezone
  • Opportunity with no company or member was breaking the revenue dashboard
  • Invoices weren’t sent to the BCC admin emails when different email addresses were used per location
  • Draft location data was included in the Invoiced Revenue report
  • Contacts from the Hubspot integration weren’t synced
  • Membership filter was preventing seeing past memberships
  • The public API wasn’t trimming leading/trailing spaces when creating/updating a company, membership, member
  • There was a UI issue in the admin calendar when resources are set to be booked by Date
  • Sometimes meeting rooms had an incorrect Cancelation Policy when you book a slot
  • The Balance report wasn’t loading for some large organizations
  • The template’s dynamic property “invoiceLink” wasn’t always working properly in the Invoice Email Template
  • In the Company/Member page using Add Membership wasn’t refreshing the status of the company/member
  • The public API wasn’t trimming leading/trailing spaces when creating/updating a fee
  • Admin Subscription page wasn’t showing tiered plans’ properties
  • The Bookings Report wasn’t loading for some large organizations
  • Updating a member without a team was removing the credit-account
  • Cancel membership dialogue is non stop loading for companies

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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