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Jan 5th, 2018 Release

Jan 5, 2018 ∙ 3 mins read


Happy New Year!

We wish you lots of happy members and great coworking experiences in 2018.

Happy First Release for 2018 too. Here’s what it includes.


We’re introducing our first cloud printing integration – eZeep! Yes, it’s a big deal. The integration between eZeep and OfficeR&D lets you automate the printing operations in your coworking or shared workspace. Read more here

Public Checkout/Booking page

We’re also adding a new Public Checkout/Booking page that allows non-members to search and book any resource you’re offering – from Meeting Rooms to Coliving Rooms, Hotdesks or Parking spots, in a unified and nicer way. The flow is the same standard checkout flow you already know – users are asked to create an account, confirm and pay for the booking. The difference is that they can now book a time slot not just for the usage of a meeting room. When a user books a resource on this new page, they will be listed as a Drop-in member in your companies/members list.



See what else is available with this release.


  • eZeep cloud printing integration
  • Public Checkout/Booking Page and admins can configure which resources are available for booking on it. In order to enable this page, navigate to Apps/Signup & Public calendar and enable the Booking Checkout Page feature.
  • Ability to filter meeting rooms by the floor they are located on, in the calendar available in the admin portal of OfficeR&D.
  • Ability to mark meeting rooms as Unavailable (out of exploitation) in the admin portal of OfficeR&D.
  • We’re introducing improvements in the opportunity UI and functionality.
  • There is a new batch of contract improvements which include showing deposits already held and allowing to change the number of desks.
  • You will now find a ‘missed fees section’ on the member profile even when no auto billing is enabled. This way you can more easily keep track of the fees you need to collect from your members.


The following issues, reported by you, are now fixed:

  • Adding a new Credit Card / ACH in CardConnect does not work in some cases.
  • Cannot add a bank account to a company with PayDock.
  • Occupancy dashboard total number of desks are missing for non-zone resource types.
  • A draft floorplan is all red. Can’t see assignments and pending coloring.
  • The total number of desks on the Dashboard/Occupancy is wrong in some cases.
  • Number of Desks taken from floorplan is not shown correctly on Contract.
  • You are not able to assign resource with 2 memberships with valid dates with status pending.
  • In tablet view when you hide the menu you could show it only with a page refresh.
  • Automated schedule for Contracts removes Served Notice status.
  • Cannot configure Google calendar integration.
  • Custom pages virtual scroll in Member portal does not work and when you have a page for former members you see only 16 of them.
  • Manually added credits for the future creates credits for the current month.
  • Credit bag for a removed resource displays “All meeting rooms” instead of “Invalid”.
  • Book meeting room in the future (more than 2 months from now) should be Not accounted.
  • Deleting a meeting room keeps all bookings but leaves them with no location.
  • Membership with credits created with start date in the future – credits are not shown in the credits grid replace existing.
  • The second click on Meeting room/Hotdesk menu item removes the filter in Members Portal.
  • Search results in the booking checkout flow are not cleared.
  • Assign desk and assign member buttons are shown for membership groups.
  • End date of membership is not taken into account when need to book a room for active members.
  • Name, description and meeting room size are not shown in tablet view for not public meeting rooms.
  • The search criteria at checkout is not respecting the booking mode (time/day).
  • ‘Fees from previous periods’ checkbox in the manual bill-run shows only fees from the current month.

Our next release is scheduled to go out in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and our official Roadmap for 2018.