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January 2017 Release

Jan 5, 2017 ∙ 1 min read

Wishing you all a happy and a prosperous 2017. Let the Coworking Force be with you.

2016 was a strong year, full of new features but of course, we’re starting 2017 even stronger. Following is the list of changes and updates from the last few weeks.

Day passes and Check-ins

We did another iteration to improve our support for day passes.

  • Updated User interface of Who’s in pages as well as the Checkin dialog in the Admin.
  • Checkin widget in the Members portal to let members check in / check out themselves.
  • New Day pass widget in the Members portal to show the used and remaining passes.

Admin portal

  • New status for Occasional users of your space called ‘Drop-in‘. These are members that use meeting rooms, day passes, and other one-off products. It’s calculated automatically.
  • Activity – track all events that are happening in the system. You can now see all changes as they happen on your Dashboard / Activity or on every item’s page.
  • Occupancy dashboard improvements.

Meeting Room Bookings

  • New Booking dialog in both Admin and Members portal – it’s slicker and better-structured interface.
  • Improved Recurring bookings interface.
  • New TimeZone options dropdown.
  • Improved Google sync.
  • Booking fees improvements – better template, and better booking accounting.

Members Portal

  • Signup page deep links – you can now set specific plans to be added to the shopping bag (specific plan page) from the URL or also point to specific locations. Read more here.
  • Signup page improvement – new locations chooser that is slicker and more beautiful.
  • Improved Members andBenefits cards


This is just to start off 2017. Stay tuned for our official roadmap and the hundreds of improvements and new features that are coming soon.