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21/01/20: Custom Fields in Your Coworking Email Templates

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Jan 22, 2020|4 mins read 1

We started the year with an update that exposes more custom fields for use in your coworking email templates to members. We have also sped up performance across the platform!

— TL;DR —

Coworking Email TemplatesWe released:

  • Option to Update or Not Billing Details of Issued Invoices
  • Members Status exposed in Email Templates
  • Meeting Room Floor exposed in Email Templates
  • Bookings Cancellation Policy Exposed in Email Templates
  • Exchange Rate Property Exposed in Invoices Export

We improved:

  • SaltoKS Integration: Choose a SaltoKS Site when connection the integration
  • Moneris Integration: Pass Document Number to Transaction Log
  • Dashboard Cards Load Faster
  • Custome Line Items Permission Split Into Two
  • Performance Improvements

We Fixed:

  • More than 30 bugs which we resolved


Option to Update or Not Billing Details of Issued Invoices

Helping coworking organizations keep legal compliance is a very important thing for OfficeRnD. A big part of it is meeting the global needs of spaces across the world how billing documents should be issued, updated, and kept.

OfficeRnD now allows you to decide how you want to treat already issued invoices in the moments when Members and Companies update their billing details. In the Admin Platform -> Settings -> Billing you can choose from two behaviors:

  • When a Member/Company updates their billing details, all already issued invoices will still use the details of the Member/Company that were available at the time of issuing the invoice
  • When a Member/Company updates their billing details, all already issued invoices will use the new Member/Company details

If you need to use the first behavior and you issued an invoice with wrong details because of a Member/Company who forgot or was late to update their billing details, you can renew the saved billing details of an already issued invoice and regenerate the PDF in the Admin Platform in the invoice itself.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to share them in our Community Portal.

New Properties Exposed in Email Templates

We are constantly trying to make OfficeRnD’s email templates better and with more information available, that you can dynamically input. Also, increasing the ways you can customize the content of notifications your organization sends through OfficeRnD based on different properties. We have exposed 3 new properties to our email templates recently:

  • Member’s Status property: With this property available for customizations you can have different content of emails based on if a member is Active or some other status. For example: If you want your Welcome Email to be different for Active and Drop-In members now you can do this thanks to customizations with this property
  • Meeting Rooms’ Floor property: With this property exposed, you can include the floor on which a booked resource is in the content of your emails related to bookings. For example, in a Meeting Room confirmation, include a note on which floor the room is so members can find it easier.
  • Bookings’ Cancelation Policy: With this property exposed you can include detailed information about the relevant cancelation policies in all booking notification messages. For example, include information about the cancelation policy in a booking confirmation

Some of the newly exposed and also already existing properties can be used only in the “Code” section of the template editors as they can be handled only through HTML code. We know that this might not be the easiest thing if you are not familiar with HTML and this is why you can always shoot us a question or a request for support at and our Customer Success team will help you right away.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to share them in our Community Portal.

Exchange Rate Property Exposed in Invoices Export

For some time now OfficeRnD has been supporting multi-currency scenarios where you can invoice selected Members/Companies in a different than your main organization’s currency. Now we are exposing this information in the Invoices Export so you can have the information in what currency and at what exchange rate was any of your organization’s invoices issued when exporting your invoices.

If you are unsure how you can edit your invoices export preset you can read more about it here or shoot an email to our Customer Success team at

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to share them in our Community Portal.


Following is the list with all fixes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • The Opportunities card on the Dashboard wasn’t filtering with changes in the location filter
  • Admins with custom role permissions weren’t able to export Bill-Run Preview invoices and to attach custom properties of type file
  • Showing the number of listed items in Companies/Members grid was not always correct when there are results not listed in the visible part of the list
  • Merging Companies wasn’t recalculating the status of the merger destination company
  • Editing invoice and existing fees weren’t always selecting the correct billing account
  • Payment to invoices wasn’t synced automatically with accounting integration when the option “We’ll send payment receipts automatically” is enabled
  • It was possible to double book a resource with reoccurring bookings in specific timezones
  • Updating a currency exchange rate wasn’t updating the exchange rateΒ  saved in Member/Companies invoice in this currency in some cases
  • Bill-run notification wasn’t merging contact and billing details correctly when generating the invoices export
  • The default range of some date filters was wrong
  • Changing a member’s company in Capsule was breaking the assigned memberships and invoicing
  • With some door access integration if a booking starts at 00:00 UTC access was granted after the booking has started
  • Moneris integration was appearing as disabled if opened more than twice a day
  • Duplicate KISI shares were created if a member has more than one membership
  • The booking email confirmations for 2 timezones were showing incorrect times
  • Existing bookings weren’t re-added to Google Calendar when the mappings are updated to point to a new Google calendar
  • Day Passes weren’t correctly accounted when multiple presence intervals are registered from IronWIFI integration
  • It was possible to create a plan with an empty name field
  • It was possible to create a company without a name through the Team API
  • DoorAccess: SaltoKS2 wasn’t accepting some symbols in user names.
  • DoorAccess: When bookings were canceled door access was still granting
  • Admins with restricted permissions were able to circumvent them by going to their profile and selecting a space again
  • Check-ins weren’t limiting the validity of access frames created from day passes
  • It wasn’t possible to import fees for a Company when there are a Company and a Member with the same name
  • It was possible to create an hourly booking for a child meeting room that’s unavailable for the whole day through a parent meeting room.

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.

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