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January 5, 2021: Reception app and Visitors Improvements

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Jan 5, 2021|2 mins read 1

2021 is here and we are starting with a couple of improvements for the Reception App. Read below for details.

We released:

  • Improved Visibility of Checked-in Visitors for the Day in the Admin
  • Improved Admin Control of the Reception App’s Available Functionality

We improved:

  • Performance Improvement for Members/Companies Pages

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs which we resolved

Improved Visibility of Checked-in Visitors for the Day in the Admin

Besides the previously available pre-registered Visitors, you’ll now have complete visibility over the checked-in Visitors for the day. The new list is available at the same place in Community>Visitors.

Improved Admin Control of the Reception App’s Available Functionality

With the rapid development of the Reception App, the time has come to allow admins to have greater control over what functionality they’d like to utilize. If you navigate to Settings>Apps>Themes and scroll down to the “Reception App View”, you now have a list of the following settings that can be enabled/disabled:

  • Visitors Pre-registration and Check-In -> enables the Visitor sign-in on the Reception App Home Screen
  • Member Check-in -> enables the Member Check-in on the Reception App Home Screen.
  • Deliveries -> enables Deliveries on the Reception App Home Screen.
  • Check-out -> enables the Check Out option on the Reception App Home Screen.
  • Touchless Sign-in -> Show the QR Code for Touchless Sign-in on the Reception App Home Screen.
  • Data privacy – enables the 3 letter match option for choosing a host during the Visitor Sign-in or during Check-out.


  • Overpayments’ tag was spelled wrongly in some places
  • There was a typo in the system confirmation message when canceling a contract
  • Invoice number generation was very CPU heavy and could lead to performance issues
  • AR Aging by Transaction Report wasn’t handling the “Pay for X months” for a membership option
  • Learn More link for “Enable approval flow for one-off fees” wasn’t leading  anywhere
  • An XSS vulnerability was patched in the Member Portal
  • In some cases couldn’t create a check-in with a day passes from the Admin Platform
  • A custom role teammate couldn’t create check-ins even though it has the access/permission to do that
  • Тhe invoice number wasn’t shown in the Daily Transactions Report when invoicing membership for more than one month
  • Couldn’t update a Plan’s privacy
  • Creating a post defaults to “All locations” when the admin is assigned to only one location
  • Members Portal pay an invoice link for Personal invoices was leading to 404 page
  • You could create 0-minute duration bookings that give you door access
  • In some scenarios, a Meeting room has an incorrect Cancelation Policy when canceling the booking
  • In some scenarios, Member with no payment detail couldn’t book a room if they need to add a payment card

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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