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July 13th, 2018 Release

Jul 13, 2018 ∙ 2 mins read

Friday the 13th is the perfect day for another big release, isn’t it? Well, as long as you’re not superstitious…

Salto ProAccess

Let’s start with the big one – we’re releasing a new version of our “Salto ProAccess SPACE” integration. It’s a big step for us to fully automate the access control of your flexible workspace. The integration will take care to sync your members’ and grant them access to the correct group based on their membership type, contract (office assignment) and bookings data. Please, get in touch with our awesome support team ( to help you set up the integration for you.

Another improvement of our access control story is that now you’ll be able to see directly in the OfficeRnD member’s profile the access group this member is mapped to. This feature will work also with KISI, SaltoKS and Salto ProAccess.

Personal Memberships

Personal Memberships is the next big new feature. It’s been a long-awaited improvement that so many of you requested and I’m extremely happy to announce it today. It will allow you to add memberships (not just fees as before) that will be billed to the member (and not the company) and charged to the member’s personal payment details. For example, if a member has a car park space that is not covered by the company, you can now charge them directly from OfficeRnD.

blankPayment Receipts

You can also start sending Payment Receipts. You can set up the system to send them automatically when payment is successfully received through either Credit Card or Direct Debit or you can manually send them when you add payment from the platform. You can go ahead and enable the feature from Settings / Billing / Invoicing.

Read more about all improvements and fixes we introduced today:


  • Personal memberships – allow charging members separately from the company for recurring personal memberships.
  • Invoice Receipts – allow for sending receipts to members when they pay their invoice.
  • Salto ProAccess SPACE integration – automate the sync between OfficeRnD and your access control system.


  • Show notification that there are members that require attention – for example, have not invoiced memberships & fees. Read more here.
  • Door access integrations should show which member has access to where on each member profile.
  • Allow creating multiple memberships of the same type and price.
  • Show Interest (opportunities) in the search resources view.
  • Remove the auto-charge limit (used to be 5000 units).


  • Disable adding custom form fields without picking a custom property.
  • Improve the system message when deleting membership / terminating it with credits that are already used.
  • Direct Debit mandate is not working because of Stripe configuration in a multi-location organization.
  • SaltoKS automatic check-ins don’t work if a user doesn’t have email.
  • OfficeRnD users without emails are not synced with SaltoKS
  • Fix how we send the member name fields in Braintree.
  • Create an invoice check/uncheck as personal does not work as expected in some cases.
  • The last login KPIs are not calculated correctly in some timezones.
  • Some special characters do not render properly on PDF documents.
  • Add invoice from customer page freeze in some cases.
  • Automatic checkout with a combination with IronWifi does not work in some cases.
  • Signup with Authorize.Net creates payment profiles in a single member profile.
  • Adding personal direct debit mandate add it to the team in some cases.

We’re already working on a big list of new features and improvements. Some of the more exciting ones are the Monetary-value credits (e-wallet), iterative improvements on the member portal public pages – signup and calendars, and many more.