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July 16, 2020: The New Global Search Functionality in OfficeRnD

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Jul 21, 2020|4 mins read 1

So excited to share that the Global Search functionality is now live in the OfficeRnD management platform! We also released some cool new Billing capabilities and added some major improvements to our Google Calendar integration. And that’s not even all. Check the details below.

This week, we released:

  • Global Search functionality
  • Billing Lock Date
  • Contracts Renew Action
  • Option to Limit Members Removing Payment Details
  • Availability Filters in the Calendar Section
  • ACH payments with Authorize.NET
  • Custom CSS code in the Member Portal 2.0

We improved:

  • Times and Dates in members notification emails now respect the organization’s time/date format
  • Google Calendar integration now complies with the latest Google requirements
  • Performance improvement of the Calendar section (loads ~50% faster)

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs which we resolved

The Global Search functionality

Finding a company, a coworking member, or an invoice is just one click away from every page in OfficeRnD’s Admin Platform. In the top bar, you can find a search box that will help you to find quickly and efficiently what you are looking for. Results will be shown and refined after each typed symbol in the field, no need to press Enter or Search. The top 5 results in each category are shown and a View All option.

Typing in the Global Search field will search in different properties of the searched entities, not only names. For example, typing a phone number will return member/s with that digits matching in their phone number.

global search functionality in OfficeRnD management platform

Billing Lock Date

This new feature will allow admins with specific permission to lock any billing changes from a selected date back. Editing and creating invoices, logging payments, issuing credit notes, and more billing operations will not be possible in the locked period for any admins with or without the permission to set a Billing Lock Date. If changes are required an admin with the needed permission should “unlock” the billing period and then make the changes.

You can find the Billing Lock Date feature in Billing -> Invoices page. The permission needed for setting a Billing Lock Date is in the Billing module -> Billing Lock Date component of the Permissions settings. By default, only the Owner default role will have this permission.

Billing Lock Date functionality OfficeRnD management platform

Contracts Renewal Action

Now for each signed contract, you will have the Renew action available. This action will open the New Contract dialog and will pre-populate all the necessary fields automatically based on the contract you are renewing matching logically the dates and steps to replicate the information from the renewed contract.

Also, if you sign the contract created with the Renew action, we will show a link to the new contract in the old one and vice-versa.

Contracts Renew Action OfficeRnD management platform

New Availability Filters in the Calendar

Searching for available meeting rooms in the coworking space or ay type of bookable resource quickly when you receive a booking request is crucial. This is why we introduced availability filters by Location, Date and Time, Capacity, and Amenities on the Calendar page. Now you can use each of these to narrow down the visible resources to only these which match your criteria. On top of this, we improved the load time of this page by ~50% to further speed up your searches and bookings.

Meeting Room Calendar Availability Filters OfficeRnD

Option to Limit Coworking Members Removing Payment Details

Many organizations have shared they want to limit the ability of their members to remove the last active payment method saved so they can manage their revenue collection better. With this release, you can find settings allowing you to prevent the removal of any or specific kind of last payment method saved by members. This setting is in Settings -> Platform -> Community -> Members’ Payment Details

ACH Payments with Authorize.NET

We improved our integration with Authorize.NET and in a matter of days, you will be able to start using ACH bank transfers with this integration.


  • Timeline of the calendar was disappearing if you scroll to the right in the member portal
  • Brivo integration was failing to sync successfully
  • Members were sometimes given the option to add payment details in the new member portal when they shouldn’t had that option.
  • When adding a visitor through the Members Portal always a US code was pre-selected in the phone field
  • Successful booking in for a future day was resetting the calendar view to current day with wrong date display
  • Authorize.NET sync was failing if there are customers with a bank account and not with a credit card
  • About Us page wasn’t visible to drop-ins on Members portal
  • Canceled tentative bookings were triggering the tentative notification schedule
  • In some rare cases, it was possible to invoice a membership twice with two different invoices
  • The wrong URL was set for learn more link on Import: Credits
  • Incorrect ‘Learn More’ hyperlink for Payment Integration – GoCardless, Paydock, CardConnect
  • Payment Documents: Text Search + Select All + Action (Approve/Delete/Export/Charge): couldn’t be executed
  • Importing Credits wasn’t working if you specify resource rates
  • Incorrect ‘Learn More’ hyperlink for Google Calendar Integration
  • Manual bill run One-off period End date was taking 1 more extra day when collecting the fees
  • Redirect new members to an external webpage wasn’t working in the Public Calendar
  • Automatic Kisi check-ins didn’t work for a short period of time

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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