2016 in Review OfficeRnD Raises Seed

July 2016 Release

Aug 3, 2016 ∙ 1 min read

Members Portal

OfficeR&D Members portal gets more and more beautiful. With the latest release, we’ve added so much more customization capabilities, improved user interface, new features and more.

  • Menu customization – rename and customize the titles of the main menu.
  • Important links – create multiple important links (like ‘Printer Setup’, ‘House Rules’, etc) and have them nicely presented in the members portal.
  • Edit/Cancel Recurring bookings – cancel or edit recurring bookings now are handled properly.
  • UI / UX improvements – multiple improvements on the user interface and user experience.

Launch22 Benefits

Admin Portal

OfficeR&D admin portal becomes more and more powerful. With our latest releases, we introduced we dashboard, improved the billing, introduced new labeling mechanism and more.

  • Dashboard – get very deep KPIs and real-time analytics data with our latest dashboard. It is beautifully arranged in verticals so you can easily find the data you need. Click on any number to navigate and find the details about it.
  • Labels – easily find new, leaving or overdue customers and payments.
  • Filters – drill down and filter the customers, payments, and etc that you need by status, labels, names, etc.
  • Multiple improvements – various improvements on the billing, members, membership management and more.


Stay tuned for more coworking awesomeness with OfficeR&D.

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