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June 19th, 2019 Release

Martin Kanovski

Product Manager

Jun 20, 2019|3 mins read 1

Our second release for June has a few very cool new features and the usual load of improvements and fixes.

— TL;DR —

We released:

  • Ability to Create Statements by Company/Member
  • One-off Plans with Markup
  • Brivo Door Access Integration (Beta)

We improved:

  • Template Editor
  • Keeping Track of Versions of Documents
  • Management of the Default TAX Accounts

We Fixed:

  • More than 25 bugs which were unwanted guests


Ability to Create Statements of Company/Member

Many spaces around the world use official documents to remind Companies/Members of invoices that have not yet been paid. These documents are often known as Statement of Account. Here in OfficeRnD, we are calling them Statement of Company/Member. With this new feature showing billings to and payments from the Company/Member during a specific time period, resulting in an ending balance is just a couple of clicks job.

The statement is usually a printed document, but because we live in a digital world through OfficeRnD you have the ability to both download a printable PDF file or send it to the Company’s/Member’s email address.

Both the PDF layout and the email with which it is sent are customizable through the Settings -> Templates page. As always, our customer success team is ready to help if you need help with template customization.


Statement | OfficeRnD

Statement of Company/Member can be found in the Invoices section of the individual Company/Member page in the Community section of OfficeRnD. The default period for which statements load is as far back as the last not Paid invoice, but at the same time, you can select a custom period you want to include in a statement.


One-off Plans with Markup

Offering a service provided by a 3rd party is something very common in coworking spaces. How usually spaces handle these services from a business standpoint is charging a set % on top of what the service costs them. For example, if you receive postage on behalf of your members and packages cost between 5 and 10 Euros for you, you might want to actually charge your members 10% on top of this.

The Markup feature allows you to set a % markup to one-off plans. In this way, each time when you create a fee from this plan it will be automatically marked-up with the desired %. For example, adding a 6.00 Euro fee from the above-mentioned scenario will result in an actual fee for 6.60 Euro.

Mark-Up | OfficeRnD

This Markup amount is visible only to admins in the admin site. Companies/Members will not see this breakdown of the price in their invoices/documents.

Brivo Door Access Integration (Beta)

We released a native integration with Brivo door access system. Currently, this integration is in a Beta period and only few selected beta testers are able to activate and configure it. We expect Brivo to go out of Beta in the next 2-3 weeks.

Until then if you want to get ready for using the integration you can contact your Brivo support rep and obtain a Brivo API Key. This is something you will need in order to configure the integration once publicly available.

Following is the list with all changes and updates included in this release of OfficeRnD:


  • Ability to Create Statements by Company/Member
  • One-off Plans with Markup
  • Brivo Door Access Integration (Beta)


  • Template Editor
  • Keeping Track of Versions of Documents
  • Management of the Default TAX Accounts


  • Changing a custom property’s name was causing it to lose its value
  • Update bill run invoice numbers to consecutive ones before generating the invoices
  • Free booking in the future (+2 months from now) for customer with credits was with invalid status
  • The setup fee was not shown on Contract dialogue, contract page or contract PDF
  • Changing the Name of a custom permissions role was causing loss of permissions
  • Assignments of offices and their office desks was throwing an error that the membership used for the office is already being used by the desk (no move-out date can be added)
  • Manual bill run was not syncing invoices automatically when Accounting integration setting is Auto
  • Confirmation e-mail sent for a booking that requires a check-in contained ‘undefined’ in its text
  • Pay Now button in the email template wasn’t working
  • When Italian or Danish are enabled and activated in the Portal the Welcome to Dashboard title wasn’t displaying the organization’s name
  • In the Sign-up page, there was one visible </div> above the Credit Card input field
  • Hubspot integration was duplicating teams, members, leads in certain cases
  • Void invoices that are synced with Xero were getting into Sync Error state
  • Could not manually set date in Date picker by typing in the date picker
  • One Fees dialog was loading extremely slow
  • Pay now from members portal was not sending receipts
  • Rate discounts (amount) – when multiple, not all of them were listed
  • HubSpot sync was failing when there was an incoming deal without a Stage
  • Terminating a contract created before the introduction of Custom Contract Types was failing
  • Adding a guest button was looking broken
  • Recurring bookings in the future +3months were accounted as “Free” – no credits/coins

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. Use our support channels if you want to submit feedback.

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