2016 in Review OfficeRnD Raises Seed

June 2016 Release

Jun 27, 2016 ∙ 1 min read

What’s new – multiple bug fixes and improvements, members’ portal theming, space tab, membership new features and so much more.

Members portal

  • Theming – a new theming mechanism that enables deeper customization and white-labeling of the members portal.
  • UI Improvements – multiple improvements on all major screens.
  • Space tab – enables your members to learn more about your space, your House Rules, T&Cs, and more.
  • Calendar Improvements – support for multi-location conference room bookings.

Members Portal

Admin portal

  • Membership Management  – improvements on the way we handle the memberships:
    • Add membership – you can now add membership to both members & companies.
    • Cancel membership – a more accurate way of terminating a member’s membership.
  • Billing and Accounting – complete Xero integration
    • Xero – complete, real-time Xero synchronization.
    • Void invoices – you can now void invoices.
    • Billing Dashboard – get accurate data for your space finances on the new Billing Dashboard.
    • Improvements – multiple improvements on the Billing flow.
  • Space Improvements – improved way of doing desks and offices assignment
    • Assignment – you can now assign desks, independently on the membership dates
    • Relocation – you can now relocate between floors
  • Members Portal theming – you can now manage your Members portal settings in a centralized place in the Admin portal.
  • Multiple improvements, Performance optimizations and etc.

Billing Dashboard