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Jun 21, 2017 Release

Jun 21, 2017 ∙ 2 mins read

We’re overhauling the way we think about resource rates. We’re excited about the direction of this new functionality and what’s coming up over the next releases. Without giving too much away, there will be the capability to book resources such as offices and desks on hourly,  daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This week we’re introducing the ability to specify how many hours in advance members can change and cancel a booking. We’re also expanding the balance report to provide more detailed data and let admins configure its target period. Here’s what else is coming up in this weeks release.


  • Cancellation period is now available in resource rates. It enables admins to specify how many hours in advance members can change and cancel bookings.


  • Admins can specify resource rates per half day, per week, per month.


  • Balance Report in Billing/Balance Report is significantly improved and enhanced to list deposits, fees, memberships, total revenue and invoiced amounts per company. Admins can now set a target period for the report.
  • Locations menu is re-positioned to the upper left-side part of the screen to make it more visible and user friendly to access.
  • Admins can merge two companies together using the new Merge button available in the company profile page. The operation merges the following properties in the resulting company :
    • Members
    • Memberships and One-Off Fees
    • Payment Details
    • Invoices
    • Bookings
    • Booking Credits
    • Opportunities
    • Day Passes
    • Attached Files
    • Contracts
    • Comments
  • When setting a membership end date, the default end date is now set to the end of the next month.
  • Bookings can now be changed and cancelled, when they have a generated but not invoiced fee.
  • Admins can filter desks of type HotDesk under Space/Desks.
  • Under Space/Desks, desks that are not associated with a shape on the floor plan are tagged as “No shape”.


  • GoCardless doesn’t allow you to connect to Sandbox environment.
  • Check-in dialog squashes all check-ins into one.
  • When booking a hotdesk, members are charged for the booking, even though it should be free of charge.
  • Hotdesks target revenue is not visible on the floorplan.
  • Zapier action “Add Member” does not add a member in OfficeR&D.
  • The Accounts dashboard under Billing->Dashboard is incorrect.
  • Former memberships are displayed as leaving thus generating incorrect information on the dashboard.
  • Cannot sync a new invoice with QuickBooks for a company that has previously recorded sync errors.
  • Cannot change billing date per company.
  • Bookings export (Community/Bookings) does not calculate correct fee amount when the booking span is more than 1 hour.
  • Revenue report doesn’t take into account proper pro-rating settings.