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June 20th, 2018 Release

Jun 21, 2018 ∙ 3 mins read
Fundraising OfficeRnD

We feel so good when we release a new version of OfficeRnD that we want to shout out all the new features. Then we usually don’t do it as we’re already focused on the new release and the new improvements we’re already working on. Before we move on, here’s what we worked on during the last 2 weeks.

Let’s start with the user tracking in the members portal – now you can see when your members last logged in the portal in the Community / Users section. The number of active portal users will also be visible in the Space Growth dashboard, so don’t forget to check it out.

We also worked on Contracts to allow you to create a more advanced approval process. We called it ‘Contract conditional approving‘ – this feature will allow your sales teams to get contracts automatically approved if they meet the business criteria set by a business owner.

We’re also releasing new versions of our Invoice and Contracts templates – they look much nicer, simpler and cleaner. If you are already using the previous templates and want to update to the new ones, you can go to Settings / Templates / Invoice and click ‘Revert’ which will update the template.

We know that all of you would like to use some custom workflows that integrate with OfficeRnD. That’s why we submitted our Zapier app to the official marketplace. We’ve also added more Triggers and Actions as well as several predefined templates. You can read more about it here.


  • Publish Zapier application & integration improvements – we’ve added more triggers and actions
  • User Management – track when users log in. Aggregate the data and show it on the Space Growth dashboard.
  • New Invoice template
  • Conditional contracts approval
  • Ability to separate the charge items during bill-run by more types such as, license fees, service (ancillary) fees, one-off fees, etc.


  • Fix the Membership sorting and improve the UI of grouped memberships
  • Contract templates UI/UX improvements
  • Allow edit/ canceling memberships (services/plans) which are part of a contract
  • Contract Generate PDF button & dialog should be visible for everyone (Preview) but the actual generation should be only available for Approvers
  • Show the deposit field when creating a membership for a recurring plan with a default deposit of 0.
  • Multiple performance improvements
    • We’re loading less data on different screens to speed the load time
    • We improved the server infrastructure to speed up the platform


You reported these issues and we fixed them:

  • The unpaid invoice banner on the bottom is blocking the full day button on the calendar
  • Connect to LinkedIn account with all browsers throws an error
  • Email custom domain is not taken into account from the location when sending Welcome email, reset password email, Messages email
  • Event link in RSVP dialog “Learn more” does not work in some cases
  • Custom property name with ‘dot’ character breaks the application in some cases and could not be saved
  • Locations that are not marked as Public are still shown on the locations dropdown in Public Calendar
  • The ‘Feedback’ menu item in the Portal is still visible even when the Feedback option is OFF
  • Office deposit is not added as refundable fee when creating a membership with a plan that does not have deposit set
  • Dedicated desk membership that is assigned to an office is not synced with SaltoKS
  • The default invoice filter by date does not default to the current month
  • Admins cannot delete canceled bookings
  • Member fees are not shown initially on the Member page – you need to reset the date filter
  • Canceled bookings are not accounted in the bookings report
  • Center Managers cannot delete invoices
  • Removing notification email doesn’t fall back to the general settings email
  • Transaction duration X days should be even or smaller not only even for PreCharge
  • Use Day passes for Active members option does not work for individual members
  • Users can sign one contract multiple times in some cases
  • Meeting room Privacy option Limited – when you set Members and then edit and set Plans – members are lost and you do not understand that
  • Signup email validation does not validate it properly if the email has ‘dot’ in it
  • The logo in the email template often looks huge and does not scale properly in the email.
  • Day passes are not used upon checking in when you have Terminated memberships without Parttime=true
  • Member status is not calculated as expected in some cases
  • Target plan is not visible on Hot desk resources
  • Some symbols in company name break exporting PDFs in some cases

As a continuation of improving the user experience of the platform, we also started working on new version of the Member Portal’s Shop, Calendars and Checkout pages. Here’re some preliminary design screens:

Tell us what you think in the comments below or get in touch with us to discuss our Releases and Roadmap.